Missile Command Shockwave



Classic missile command style game in beautiful graphics.
Launch a missile at the location you touch.
Must shoot down enemy missiles of all.
To get a score bonus, causing a chain of explosions.

Meteor Mayhem Demo

It is sort of missile command meets the Incredible machine with an element of Tetris. Meteors fall and damage your gadgets, so you have to constantly watch them so they don't explode! You also control a vehicle that collects power-ups such as slow time, ...


Rocket Control  v.

Rocket Control is a remake of the popular missile command. This retro style game will entertain for hours. Highly addictive game play.

Kimdom Come  v.2.0

Discover the enlightenment of Juche Socialism from Kim Jong-Il's Glorious Missile Command Balcony. Marvel at wonderous new waving-at-parades technology, and the entirely peaceful "sea of fire" program, successor to the moribund "field of food" scheme.

DoodleGeddon  v.1.6.2005

DoodleGeddon is a fast paced missile command style game where task is to defend earth against a massive asteroid onslaught. Can you save humanity from total annihilation?Spawn missile silos around the planet, then click on incoming asteroids t ...

Time Command

Time Command takes you through several different periods of time in which you protect Time Orbs from a villain named Draconius. Your enemy has control of the most powerful animals, people, and weapons of each of these time periods and will use it all ...

USB Missile Launcher NZ  v.1.4.11

USB Missile Launcher NZ can be used to control a USB Missile Launcher and the DreamCheeky Rocket Launcher. Perform covert operations from your desk. Fire missiles at passing colleagues. Strap a camera on top of the Launcher and record the video of your ...

Missile Commander XP

the missile commander. His job is to direct a limited supply of anti-ballistic missiles at the incoming attack. It is a job that will require lightning-quick reflexes.
Will the missile commander be successful? Or will the cities be annihilated? ...

Meteor Mayhem  v.1.0

There are blocks that you can use to construct walls around cities, there are missile bays, ramps, cannons, etc. There are over 10 gadgets to master! Meteor Mayhem is sort of missile command meets the Incredible machine with an element of Tetris. Meteors ...

Mame32  v.0.101

Mame32 is an emulator. Simply put, it enables a standard PC to mimic the internal hardware of a large number of stand alone arcade machines from 1978 to 2000.
When you play a game with the emulator, you're not playing a recreation of the original ...

KP Typing Tutor  v.

The program also includes a game similar to City Defender (or Missile Command, for the older generation) where the user types out words floating down as fast as possible before they hit the city being defended at the bottom.

Although the program ...

Space Bandits  v.

- 50 Levels
- Different Pirate ships, tactics as you progress
- Defend the waste pods from pirates and asteroids
- Defend your frigate and cannon from enemy attacks
- Based on "Missile Command" game but with more strategic elements ...

Shear Carnage  v.

Your weapons? Fireworks!

Shear Carnage is a fast paced defense game inspired by the classic "Missile Command". Copious amounts of sheep gibbs, rockets, lasers and explosions combine to make a colourful, explosively satisfying and highly addictive ...

Febooti Command line email

Utility to send email from command prompt; send attached files, plain text or HTML (with embedded pictures). Supported - TO, CC (Carbon Copy), BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), alternate text for email programs that do not support HTML messages, message text encoding.

PDF to HTML Converter Command Line  v.v3.21

With PDF to HTML Converter Command Line, convert PDF document to html webpage by Command Line. You can use this software to
generate a single HTML page from a PDF file with multiple pages, and customize your HTML by setting HTML page title, ...

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