Midlet For Touchscreen


RemoteStreamer.Net  v.1.0 Beta 2

Net is optimized for control with Touchscreen. With Client for Windows Mobile(Optimized for HTC HD2 and Tested)Features:
1. Optimized for Touchscreen
2. With Mobile Client
3. With Multitouch(HTC HD2)
4. Client for Windows and Windows Mobile ...

MTris - mobileTetris  v.rc

mTris - is a Tetris-midlet for mobiles. It sould run on all mobiles with java. It is developed with j2me. Deutsch: Dies ist ein Tetris-Midlet fr alle javafhigen Handys.


FPS Input Controls for WPF

These components can be useful for touchscreen applications development and not only.

Mobile Planetarium for Java Phones  v.

0 midlet for Java-enabled mobile/cell phones or handheld device. It simulates whole sky at any point on earth with constellations, stars up to 6 mag, solar systems and some other celestial objects.

ASAP (Another Slight Atari Player)  v.3.1.1

Java midlet - for mobile devices
18. C# version of ASAP2WAV
19. experimental JScript version of ASAP2WAV running in Windows Script Host
20. experimental JavaScript version of ASAP2WAV running in Firefox
21. Flash player - for web pages ...

TMS System Controls Pack  v.

Direct replacements for regular VCL label, button, speedbutton with Aero glass compatibility TAdvTouchKeyboard & TAdvPopupTouchKeyboard Configurable on-screen keyboard for touchscreen applications with support for QWERTY, AZERTY, DVORAK, NUMERIC, CELLPHONE ...

Spot Zone  v.1.0

In each level, differences are randomly generated, so each play will be unique!
Discover a lot of wonderfull photos from all over the world in this chalenging & relaxing new game!
- Random differences generated for each picture;
- Download ...

Meon  v.1 1

In 1997, Professor Tagishaki, from Tokyo Quantum Mecanics institute, found new elementaries particles that he called Meons. In this puzzle game, you must solve more than 120 levels to free Meons. Use Prism, Splitter and other various tools to light all the Meons and solve the Light Quest! Incredible graphics and infernal puzzles available on your Smartphone and Pocket PC.
- More than 120 levels to solve;
- Intuitive gameplay for touchscreen
- support ...

Digital Home Server  v.

- Touchscreen compatible : the GUI is specially build for touchscreen : easy to use, minimal interactions, big buttons, popup keyboard. And finally, it's free. No spyware, adware, nag screen or anything of that kind.

Swingworm  v.1.0

Features Exciting, intuititive, and simply fun to play Revolutionary "worm physics" controls tuned for touchscreen devices Funny and lively art Bouncy soundtrack Dozens of levels Three different environments Stinging, rotating, and swinging obstacles ...

J2ME Reversi  v.1.0

Othello) Game Midlet for Mobile Devices (e.g. mobile phones) written in Java language (J2ME).

SuDoku Solving Assistent  v.0.1.1

A MIDlet for mobile phones is also available ...

Hitonic MIDlet Protector  v.2.1.1

Hitonic MIDlet Protector modifies MIDlet JAR/JAD files and sets various limitations on launching MIDlets (launch count, launch date, runtime limitations). MIDlet launch limitation can be turned off by activation (activation code, password, SMS message ...

HouseHold Accounting for Windows

HouseHold Accounting for Windows is a personal finance product designed for home users or a small business. It does bookkeeping for your financial accounts. The program has many functions including: Tracks Account Balances, Transfers between Accounts, ...

Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise (ARK)

Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise (ARK) is a powerful, general-purpose reporting tool for the Microsoft Enterprise Network ARK supports current versions of Microsoft Windows Server (NT/2000/2003) and localized versions of Windows Server, including ...

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