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MIDI to WAVE Conversion Tool  v.4 1

MIDI to WAVE conversion tool facilitates user to plays some MIDI notes and record using various mixer lines. Download Professional MIDI file recoding software demo online to find appropriate mixer line for recording and adjusts built-In mixer. MIDI to ...

Neuratron AudioTune Professional  v.1.00

Convert your music into MIDI notes and play back your performance using any MIDI instrument. You can play and edit rigid notes, or flexible pitch bends containing the original nuances of your performance. You can also correct the pitch of your original ...


KTDrumTrigger  v.1.0b5

KTDrumTrigger is a VST plugin with custom editor that triggers MIDI notes based on the sound level of the incoming audio stream in different frequency bands. It allows you to 'detect' occurrences of percussive sounds in an audio stream and send out a ...

GuitArp  v.0.0.4 Beta

Input from your guitar is converted into MIDI notes and run through the arpeggiator sequencer. Those notes are sent to a VST of your choice.

MidiKeys  v.1.6b3

MidiKeys shows a little keyboard on screen, and you can use the computer keyboard to play MIDI notes. 'z' through ',' is the octave starting a middle C (note 60). The keys on the row above are flats (black keys), and the octave below is on the row starting ...

Bome's Mouse Keyboard  v.

It emulates a MIDI keyboard connected to your computer. You can control each and every aspect of your music such as Pitch Wheel and Modulation Wheel. The inbuilt chord editor allows you to play entire chord with just one note. It allows you to transpose ...

Samplit  v.1 3

SAMPLIT is the ultimate solution for sampling your MIDI and real instruments. Everything is here: automated recording, naming, truncating, compression, normalization, looping, resampling and even playing.

Samplit sends the midi notes to the ...

DrumTools Performance Designer  v.1.0

DrumTools Performance Designer is a powerful VSTi allowing for instant creation of 1-8 measure drum performances including drum/percussion loops, fills, intros, endings, solo, and then simply trigger them by MIDI notes from your sequencer to easily turn ...

JavaDAW  v.1.1

Edit your MIDI files with this tool. javaDAW is a simple, easy-to-use Java based sequencer specially designed for playing and manipulating MIDI files.javaDAW is an open-source Java Sequencer for playing and manipulating MIDI files, however the source ...

Intermorphic Noatikl  v.1 6

Noatikl is a generative (MIDI) music engine. It creates musical information in the form of MIDI notes, and can also generate and send MIDI controller information to generatively control settings of your favourite synths, FX units and samplers.

Effectrix  v.1 5

Main features:

- 32 step sequencer for activating the effects
- 2 modulation-sequencer for parameter remote for each effect
- 12 subpatterns, triggered via MIDI notes and host automation
- 14 innovative effects ...

ENTTEC LightFactory  v.

- Up to 64 DMX universes (32,768 DMX addresses)
- Up to 30,000 lighting fixtures
- Unlimited cue lists and billions of cue
- Full tracking console
- 5 different effects engine (timeline based, chase, attribute based, LED Matrix and Media)
- Trigger cues with SMPTE or MIDI Timecode, MIDI notes, ...

Ultra trigger FX  v.1.153

The main idea behind this effect is 'triggering' : fx selection , fx 'synced parameter' and signal mixing can be performed directly from two benchs of buttons or more simply from midi CC or midi notes.Modules :
* 1 fx selector "button bench" (F-B-P)
* ...

Drumazon for Mac OS X  v.1.4.2004

Control Drumazon has extensive midi control. Midi notes can be used to trigger each individual sound. Alternatively, the internal sequencer can be used. This can be set to play using Drumazon's internal clock or set to synchronize perfectly to the host ...

MixPad Masters Edition  v.4.23

Expand your musical abilities with the built in MIDI editor. Create remixes and mashups as well as add your own recorded audio.

MixPad Masters Edition Features:

* Unlimited audio track mixing
* Add audio effects including ...

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