Midi Note Reader


PodNote  v.2.0

PodNote is a small utility that splits text files into pieces that are small enough to be read by iPod's Note Reader. iPod has a note-length limit of 4kb, but PodNote will quickly convert your longer files into a set of hyper-linked notes that work with ...

Rb2midi  v.0.48

Use your Rock Band 2 wireless drumkit as a MIDI controller. rb2midi works very impactfully for a simple utility program, achieving a relatively low latency.rb2midi Features:
1. Select desired MIDI output interface on startup.
2. Pick the MIDI ...


MidiStroke  v.1.1

midiStroke allows you to trigger keystrokes in the currently focused application using MIDI note, program and CC messages. Each MIDI message can trigger an unlimited number of keystrokes in sequence. This is of enormous value for performing electronic ...

Speedy MIDI  v.1.0

Create your MIDI files with this tool. Speedy MIDI is an editor designed for choirs and singers to quickly generate MIDI files for rehearsal.1. Focus on fast and easy note entry
If the quality of the sheet music is too low for scanning, Speedy MIDI ...

MU MIDI Controller  v.2.6

Music Unfolding MIDI Controller is a software MIDI controller. Use it to play synthesizers and enter music into music notation programs. It uses a combination of mouse, keyboard, and optionally a Wacom Tablet, to send messages to attached MIDI devices.

Rock Band 2 MIDI  v.0.17

Rock Band 2 MIDI (rb2midi) is a little software can help you to use your Rock Band 2 drums as a convenient MIDI controller for your digital audio workstation, and there didn't seem to be any freely available program to make this easy to do. The user interface ...

MIDI Keyboard Lab File Creator  v.1.0

MIDI Keyboard Lab comes with over 150 exercises that meet a wide variety of needs and can fit with many different curricula.However, no two music programs are alike. Using MIDI Keyboard Lab File Creator, anyone can create customized exercises to fit any ...

Noteable  v.9 20

Noteable is a software program which shows music note flash cards on your computer. It is specially designed under the guidance of music teachers and students to help all musicians, beginners to experts.

There are five play modes: Piano, Solfege, ...

M185  v.1.5

M185 is a MIDI-enabled program recreation of the hardware M185 step sequencer, designed by - developed with their input. Software step sequencer.The M185 program step sequencer is based on the hardware sequencer of the same name, created by RYK. It's ...

JunXion  v.5.3

junXion v5 is a Mac OSX data routing application that can process OCssensorsOCO from any HID (joysticks, mice, touchscreens), MIDI, OSC, Audio, Arduino and Video device using conditional processing and remapping, with MIDI or OSC events as its output.

ManyBass  v.1.0.7

ManyBass will allow you to load up to 4 different articulations of an instrument and switch between these articulations using simple Keyswitching or Midi cc. The 2.4 gig of bass samples included were all recorded from the same bass guitar, ...

Ugo Disturbance VSTi  v.1.0

as well as various playback randomizations, dual delays, and non sequenced pitch shifting which can even be set to track MIDI note input, allowing you to turn anything you feed into Disturbance into a synth oscillator.

Disturbance can be used ...

ConcreteFX Granite VSTi  v.2 4

Each MIDI note has its own property, such as output channel, choke group, volume, pitch, filter frequency and envelope speed, and much more.

KeyboardTools  v.1.0

The keyboard can show notes, key numbers, can begin from midi note C-1 to C2, and will respond to mouse click, handling velocity. Several windows could be opened, for example, one showing a chord and another showing the relative scale. The favorites ...

Audio Tools  v.5.32.3

Key features: Setups for effect processors, such as delay, reverb, etc Conversion factors for loops and time dilation Conversion factors for loops and detuning Any midi tuning scale to cents and vice versa Sequencer ticks from sample event position Glossary ...

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