Microsoft Front Pages


Hunter HTML Optimizer  v.1.0

It is the best companion for Microsoft Front Page editor.

AlexeySoft Color Picker Pro  v.1 4

,Microsoft Front Page [ hex ]. Then you can copy the code to clipboard simply (optional).


DebkaWP7  v.

We pioneered intensive news coverage and analysis of global terror before it hit the front pages as the looming threat to world security.
This forward slant has become DEBKAfile's quintessential trademark for an ever-widening, regular audience ...

Yascu 411  v.2.0.495

Yascu 411 is an add-on service powered by Yascu Mirror that delivers newspaper front pages on the PC desktop. Navigate front pages with wireless presenter, gestures on touch/tablet PCs, and left and right arrow keyboard shortcuts, or automatic slideshow.

RoughDraft  v.3.0

This application is different than Microsoft Word or Open Office's word processor in that it is simple, to the point, and is designed for creative writers. The application is divided into roughly two panels. One on the left that is for the user to write ...

WebWatcher  v.1. 1. 2024

Imagine knowing right this minute exactly how many visitors are on your site and which pages they are currently looking at. Sounds impossible right - but its not.
We have been in the software development business for nearly 20 years. Over the past ...

EngInSite Perl Editor Professional  v.3 6

If you have used an HTML authoring tool like Microsoft Front Page, you are probably used to creating web pages and immediately previewing them in your browser. This ability to preview the pages on your computer saves a lot of time; you typically ...

NEWS  v.

- Top Headlines
- Front Pages
- US News
- World News
- Politics
- Business
- Sports
- Entertainment
- Health
- Tech & Science
- Travel
- Weather
- Photos

*Permanent internet ...

Barcode Making Software  v.

Generated labels can be save in several manner such as adobe pdf documents by just selecting rows and columns and copy / paste in microsoft word pages and also generated in jpeg and jpeg image format.

Barcode Maker Software Features:


Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview  v.3.0.3813

SuperPreview is a utility that is included in the Microsoft Expression Web 3 developing package. The utility can also be found as a standalone application and it allows you to preview pages in multiple browsers. When developing a website, specially the ...

AutoFi CarPC MP3 Media Player Front End Free Download  v.1.0

AUTOFI is a FREE Microsoft Windows Media Player front end / MP3 player for mobile PC use aimed at Personal Computers with smaller displays and/or touch screens, and is designed as an easy to use front end for a PC fitted to a car (CarPC). Main Features ...

Help Generator for Microsoft Excel

Use Help Generator for Microsoft Excel to easily add Help and documentation to your Excel spreadsheet applications. Generates topic pages with screenshots for Worksheets, Charts and VBA Forms. It produces HTML Help, HTML Help web-based help and documentation ...

MS Word Split, Divide and Save Pages into Separate or Multiple Files Software

If you want to know how to split apart multiple pages from one, several, or multple microsoft word documents (i.e., MS WORD 2000, 2007, etc), then this software is for you! With this software, you can: * Easily select a number of ms word files to extract ...

Force Shut Down for Microsoft Access  v.1.0

Force Shut Down is an example database that shows how to get multiple Microsoft Access application front-ends on a network to automatically close. With Force Shut Down, you simply check a box bound to a field in a linked table, then each application front-end ...

Microsoft Research Project Colletta  v.2. 2. 2001

The Microsoft Research Project Colletta helps you manage your tasks, activities and related resources. It allows you to tag documents, images, emails, web pages and other items that are useful for performing a given task or activity. You can create tags ...

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