Mfc Runtime Libraries


Basic18  v.4 3

The compiler produces stand alone optimized assembly code ready to be assembled by MPLAB, no runtime libraries or interpreters required.

- Runtime Error Trapping
- Multitasking
- Short circuit boolean evaluation

AckerPack  v.121

Sharing folders by email is a real PAIN! Explaining WinZip is a real pain! Installing yet another program with all those DLLs and runtime libraries is a pain! But not any more! With AckerPack you can compress and distribute any folder in seconds. Use ...


EaseSoft Barcode ActiveX  v.3 5

Developer Support
The EaseSoft Barcode ActiveX Control was created in Visual C using ATL, the file size of the controls is very small (less than 400k), there are no additional runtime dependencies (i.e. MFC Class Libraries or Visual ...

Xceed Encryption Library  v.1.1.107

It has no external dependencies such as MFC DLLs, runtime libraries or other resources. That translates to minimal hassle at distribution time. The library also supports all the available ActiveX functionality designed to make your programming job easier, ...

Emergence BASIC  v.1 59

The environment is modular with new commands available separately using add-on command libraries.. An advanced 2D game and graphics command set and database command set is included with the purchase price. The robust IDE sports a source level debugger, ...

JustZIPit  v.135

* Quick: ESC to cancel and exit * Full support for all relevant keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation * Complete and easy install/uninstall * No messy DLLS to install (no OCX, VBX, VB, MFC, Flash, IE etc) * No bulky runtime libraries required (no ...

JBizMo  v.1.4.1

JBizMo is a set of Eclipse plugins and libraries to create and maintain JavaEE applications running on Glassfish or JBOSS including RCP, Swing and JSF clients. The project contains a graphical editor to design the domain model. JBizMo is a project that ...


Applications compiled with Basic4ppc do not require any special runtime libraries (Pocket PC 2002 requires Microsoft .Net CF 1.0).

DivXLand Bitrate Calculator  v.2 9

, along with VB6 runtime libraries. The MP3 audio should be minimum 112 Kbps along with a constant bit rate. The video bit rates should not be lower than 700 Kbps. The video resolution varies, however standard resolution is 640x480. The user should download ...

Bible Quotes  v.2.0.4

The program needs Visual Basic Runtime libraries to run properly. If you don't have them installed in your system, you can choose to download a package containing both the Bible Quotes program and the corresponding libraries. All in all, it is a ...

Glass 2k  v.0.9.2

One of the disadvantages of this program is that it requires VB6 Runtime libraries in order to run properly.

Control Panel Applet Generator  v.2.0.0044

The generated applets are very small - <5kb! - fully personalized, with name, description and icon, without any dependencies or runtime libraries, and will launch your predefined configuration application.

Aurora Compiler  v.

Aurora can create stand alone executables with no runtime libraries needed. Designed to be a cross platform compiler with both Windows and Linux versions available.

Current features include:
# Fast 32-bit compiler, assembler, and linker.

SQLExecMS  v.2 7

It does not use DMO or any kind of runtime libraries. All it needs is MCAD and OleDB.

- Speed
The main goal of SQLExecMS is speed. It is designed to be fast and undemanding.

IncaMS - Client  v.7.0.1

All the runtime libraries needed to run IncaMS has been included.

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