Metaphysical Religion


Native Instruments Metaphysical  v.4.0.5

Automations in Metaphysical function has no faders only snap macros as faders. Randomize button in Metaphysical function impossible
to randomize all Recorded automation sequences. Snap macros saves only event values. fader macros have the write incoming ...

Religion by WAGmob  v.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

WAGmob brings you Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app for Religion. The app helps you understand the basics in a nice and organized manner.

Features include tutorials, quizzes, flashcards and more. App is continuously ...


Morality as a Religion  v.

Preface-With a view to propagating such a conception of Religion, wholly based on Morality, a Society was founded in the autumn of the past year which assumed the title of The Ethical Religion Society," and described itself as a branch of "The Ethical ...

Shri Jagannatha Puri Dhama

Puri, the holy city of Orissa has a remarkable value in the field of Art, Architecture, Literature, religion and tradition.

Numerology Healing Tones  v.1 41

Numerology Healing Tones has been developed as a research tool for those interested in spiritual and metaphysical areas like Numerology, Healing, Meditation, Chakra, OBE, Charging Water and Crystals, and Plant Growth, for example. The program allows you ...

BibleMax Hebrew Old Testament (Tanach)  v.1.0

The Tanach (also called Tanakh or Tenakh) is the Sacred Text used in the Jewish religion. Its name derives from a Hebrew acronym formed by the initials of the three subdivisions of the book: Torah (teaching, known by Christians as the Pentateuch or the ...

BibleMax Bulgarian Bible  v.1.0

This area converted to Christianity in the 9th century and today Orthodox Christianity is the most practiced religion there. This free BibleMax module features the translation of the Bible into the Eastern dialect of the Bulgarian language, which was ...

Mosquee-lyon Toolbar  v.

The Mosquee-Lyon Toolbar is not only for french people that want access to the Lyon's Mosquee website, but also for people that want to find out information about the religion, about their philosophy. Within this toolbar, you can search the forum, take ...

Quran_1 Screen Saver  v.2.0

Would you like to know more about Muslims and their religion?
Do you want to learn what is the meaning of those prayers and chants?

Quran_1 Screen Saver will teach you about the true meaning of the Scared Book.

The Quran has ...

Fantasy-fairy  v.1.0

A fairy (also fay, fey, faery, faerie; collectively, 'fae', wee folk, good folk, people of peace, fair folk, and other euphemisms)[1] is a type of mythological being or legendary creature, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural ...

Masjid Nabawi_1 Screen Saver  v.2.0

Probably you have heard about the Mekka, and the Kabbah, and more important mosques of this religion.

Masjid Nabawi_1 Screen Saver will bring the Prophet's Mosque to your desktop.

This unique screen saver will take you on a ...

Quran_2 Screen Saver  v.2.0

Are you a Muslim religion devotee?
Even if you are not, you have probably heard a lot about it.
Do you know what the Quran is?

Quran_2 Screen Saver will teach you about the Muslim's sacred book.

The Quran is the sacred ...

Hajj Screen Saver  v.2.0

Are you a devotee of Allah?
Do you want to learn more about Muslim religion and its celebrations?

Hajj Screen Saver will show the annual trip to Mecca on your screen.

This unique screen saver will take you on a trip to Makkah ...

Ramadan1 Screen Saver  v.2.0

Are you a member of Muslim Religion?
Or are you just interested in Muslim celebrations?

Ramadan1 Screen Saver will bring the celebration of Ramadan to your desktop.

This unique screen saver will take you on a trip to Makkah, ...

Islamic Screensaver  v.2 2

God select this religion for all mankind. Islam is a completed code of life. Islam is a best religion. All things of Islam beauty no different Islamic screensaver from there. Islamic screensaver is not only a screensaver like general screensaver. This ...

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