Mentally Prepare Yourself


Quit Smoking in 30 Days or Less

This fantastic program will help you to mentally prepare yourself to quit smoking within 30 days. Lets face facts, if you're not mentally prepared to meet this challenge head on, you will never quit smoking! You will be guided every step of the way so ...

Hunting Unlimited 3

Prepare yourself for the most realistic hunting experience ever! Travel throughout the United States, Canada and exotic Zambia to lock your sights on the prey of a lifetime. Unique action-packed missions will get your quarry running and your heart pumping.


Around the World

Prepare yourself for a trip Around the World with this original block-matching puzzle game! During your tour, progressively discover wonders of ten cities by completing the levels on time! Around the World features 100 levels organized in 20 different ...

MB Mayan Astrology Tarot

This reading can help your prepare yourself to face life with a confidence.

Swords and Sandals 3  v.1 5

Forget all you thought you knew about Swords & Sandals and prepare yourself for the quest of a thousand lifetimes! Powerful new Arena Champions await you. Are you ready to become the ultimate gladiator?

Main features:

- Advance your ...

Word Mojo Gold  v.1 4

Prepare yourself for an exciting new word game that takes spelling and creating chains of words to new levels of excitement and fun.

Use random sets of letters to build intersecting words.

Try to cover the special colored tiles, ...

Tank in Action  v.1.0

Prepare yourself to master the rocky tracks. Move or simply blow up things in your way. And to destroy the enemy soldiers and their vehicles! Use WASD to roll your vehicle through the colorful levels of this physics skill game and your mouse to fire cannonballs.

Super Smasher  v.32.0

Prepare yourself for the ride of your life in this fast paced game filled with funny characters and hilarious attractions! There is even a Harmless Hitter gaming mode for kids and first time visitors!

Are you a Harmless Hitter ...

SelfTest Engine  v.3.0

SelfTest Engine allows you to take IT Certification tests and prepare yourself to taking certification examinations. The tests contain not only the most used questions, but the answers to those questions. Each wrong answer will be thoroughly analyzed.

Fart Fraîche  v.

Prepare yourself for something fraîche. This fart app will keep you laughing for hours! It features several unique fart noises that play at random pitches along with on screen animations that are absolutely hilarious! Purchase the full version to ...

China Finance Free  v.

*** Money, Growth and Finance Jobs are in China › Prepare yourself & go for it! ***

"Think for yourself and your children: Be more versatile in terms of job prospects in finance industry!"

Huge layoff at financial institutions and ...

Gre Preparation  v.

Prepare yourself for the GRE exam using this app!
The app includes tests to check your knowledge and prepare you for the exam. It features three difficulty levels.

Open Exam  v.1.00.beta2

MockExaminer is a software that you can use to prepare yourself for exams. You can also use it tocreate and deliver exams to other candidates. In fact the software consists of two separate programs;an exam designer and an exam deliver agent.

Darkness Within 2  v.

Once again, put yourself into the shoes of Howard E. Loreid and delve into a chilling Lovecraftian world which is getting darker every moment.

In 'The Dark Lineage', the second installment of the Darkness Within series, Howard E. Loreid discovers ...

Selling Your Home  v.

★ How to prepare yourself mentally for selling your house.

★ When to bring a professional in to inspect your house for hidden problems.

★ The test you should have performed on your house to impress potential buyers (and ...

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