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AT.Pass Mobile Token  v.

Pass Windows Phone Mobile Token is your personal secure key to AT.Pass-enabled application systems. These tokens are uniquely generated at the time of activation and are user-specific; no two users have the same token.

With this token, you can ...

Machines at War Mobile  v.1.2

Machines at War features a random map system so every game you play is unique and poses new challenges. Build bridges to cross water, mow down forests to clear a path to the enemy, build walls to defend your position, track tread marks left by enemy ...


Thoughts-At-Play  v.0.1

These tools are a simple way to experiment with programming objects and APIs. An object-oriented spreadsheet allows users to examine, create, and pass messages to hierarchical structures such as objects, XML, and SOAP/WSDL. Currently in OpenOffice & Java ...

Pearson eCollege at Rutgers  v.

With the Pearson eCollege at Rutgers mobile app, you can now access the Rutgers Online-Pearson eCollege LearningStudio directly for class information and to engage with your instructor or classmates anytime, anywhere.

- Activity: Quickly view ...

DJ-Serv DJ Software

DJ-Serv: the budget solution to play non-stop music! Suitable for parties at home, mobile djs, and internet radio stations on a tight budget. Advanced database means you can catalog and search all audio on your computer. Supports mp3, wav, ogg and many ...

Coloring Book 9: Little Monsters  v.1.02.02

Coloring book software filled with 50 pages of delightful little monsters at play and in other delightful situations where you would normally find kids. There's something unexpected on every page! Download a free trial version of the Monster Coloring ...

Formula PC  v.

The project started with the idea of playing games remotely, e-mailing the saved games back and forth, taking our turns at play.
Imagine playing Formula PC with friends on the other side of the planet.
Imagine creating team files with custom ...

Wheel of Words  v.2.0

You can play in English, Spanish, German, French, or Chinese.
2. You can play against another human.
3. You can play against the computer (4 levels).
4. You can look at play suggestions.
5. You can rotate the board.
6. You can pass ...


Mobile banking with ING DIRECT is fast, secure, and will make it even easier for you to save your money®.

• Check your Account balances.
• Review your transactions.
• Move your money any time you want.
• Get directions ...

IE Cache Cleaner X  v.1.1

cache cleaner ie x men at thermoelectric/peltier coolers and controllers for commercial users ...

IQ Lights Off Game

Starting today you can play it on your mobile phone! If you have a java enabled phone then this game is for you! The game consists of a 5 x 5 cell board game. A cell (light) can be turned on/off by selecting it. When doing this, the near cells (up, down, ...

IQ Lights Off Free Edition

IQ Lights Off Free Edition - You have probably played this little fun game on the internet, on the Apple iPhone or even on a mobile phone with Java support. Now you can play your favorite game for free on your Symbian mobile phone. The game consists of ...

Online Backgammon

Play Backgammon - Win Money. Play Backgammon and Get Free Bonus. Play Backgammon for Real Money or for Free.
Play65 is the largest online backgammon room with millions of registered users.
Play65 offers a variety of advantages including advanced ...

GPS/J  v.2 62

GPS/J is a console for all Bluetooth-enabled GPS receivers (now with 20000 European towns and cities!), a mobile navigation tool for cellular phone owners and the most affordable and convenient way to use location services.
It is a J2ME application ...

Eternal Sunrise  v.1 42

Eternal Sunrise is the enthralling sequel to Eternal Twilight! Play as Bolt in his fight against the oppressive government called 'Rodalva'! When Bolt and his father are seperated by Rodalva forces, Bolt winds up having to rally together his allies to ...

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