Measures Of Central Tendency


Measures of Location  v.1.3

Study the measures of location with this tool. Measures of Location help you experiment with the robustness of the four common measures of location. You can shift data points an look how the calculated measures of location change.
Measures of location ...

Statistics by WAGmob  v.

Tutorials on:

Measures of Central Tendency,
Variance and Standard Deviation,
Distribution Shape,
Discrete Probability I,
Discrete Probability II,
Continuous Probability ...



) for your applications, bypassing limitations and security measures of Windows XP and Vista operating systems.

RDS Analysis Tool  v.6.0.1

The Respondent Driven Sampling Analysis Tool (RDSAT) gives you estimation of important population parameters ( population proportions of user defined groups, average personal network sizes, homophily , measures of statistical significance for population ...

AML  v.2 9

Multilevel refers to the capability of handling repeated measures of outcomes; the number of levels may be arbitrarily large.

Multiprocess refers to the capability of jointly estimating several outcome types, with residuals that may be correlated ...

SIMS II  v.1 3

SIMS II was created, and continually evolves, based on the sum total of the hundreds of central stations using the software.

SIMS II is a DOS based monitoring software which is extendable with the SIMS for Windows product, it can be extended ...

Simple Archive Reader  v.2.1.6 Beta

Ideal for distribute or share documents of central Archive or Projects.
Totally FREE and can be redistributed without any additional cost.Today the share of documents throw the e-mail, cd's, dvd's, flash memories or any other system, is almost a ...

SDMetrics  v.2.2

Use object-oriented measures of design size, coupling, and complexity to
1. establish quality benchmarks to identify potential design problems early on
2. predict relevant system qualities such as fault-proneness or maintainability to better ...

Fourth_Five_Year_Plan  v.

This is an app to determine the allocation of central assistance for state plans.


The Mamluk Dynasty was directed into India by Qutb-ud-din Aybak, a Turkic general of Central Asian birth.It was the first of five unrelated dynasties to rule India's Delhi Sultanate from 1206 to 1290 ...

Public Speaking  v.

Learn the Art of Confident Public Speaking!

In this short guide, you will learn:

★ The purpose of speaking

★ Selection of central idea

★ Subdivisions of the speech

★ Preparing the Introduction

★ ...

UCF News  v.

If you want to keep up with sports, campus, and college news at the University of Central Florida, then UCF News is the app for you. It brings the news from 30 separate RSS feeds into a single, easy to navigate, panorama application, so you can quickly ...

Measure Body  v.

Management, visualization and graphic physical measures of the body.
You can control from your height, weight up to level of blood sugar, cholesterol, through the width of the waist, arms.
Then display a graph of the selected measure ...

Statistics  v.

Use this application to calculate descriptive measures of a data set.

Languages ​​supported: English and Portuguese.

Descriptive measures supported:

• Mean
• Median

• Range
• Median Absolute Deviation
• ...

Mean and Median Medals  v.0.9

The student can then experiment to see how the mean and median are affected by extreme values and can use that insight to select the best measure of central tendency for interpreting different data sets. Faraday R&D: Freelance Macintosh Programming - ...

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