Measure Latency And Jitter


SoftPerfect Connection Emulator  v.1.7.3

It imitates a network connection with low bandwidth limits, latency and losses. Using SCE you can test how well your application performs on slow or long-distance connections to ensure the quality of your software product. SCE runs on any PC with Windows ...

Screen Ruler Professional  v.

The tool is highly configurable and comes with different useful options (just some of them listed below):

* measure in pixels, millimeters, centimeters, points, inches

* define your own units

* horizontal ...


MyConnection Server  v.9.4k

MyConnection Server (formerly MySpeed Server) is a server side Java application, that allows users to measure download and upload connection speeds by timing actual data transfers between your server and end-users. The test results include bandwidth consistency, ...

CalcNote  v.2.5

CalcNote is a calculator, notepad , measure converter and month calendar in one. It doesn't cover the whole working area of the screen and can be easily moved to any place. You can change the size of CalcNote with one click, and it doesn't capture the ...

Omnidea Rulers for Mac OS X  v.

Rulers is an application that lets you measure, align and inspect everything on your monitor(s). It's available for both Mac and Windows systems. "Rulers" allows you to create rulers on the entire screen area like most common graphic editors allow on ...

VE Network Catcher Lite

Shunra's VE Network Catcher Lite is a free, standalone network monitoring tool that records and displays latency and packet loss between your PC and any internet site. This freeware tool is ideal for monitoring the quality of your network link. For more ...

YGS Metronome

There are "tap" button, user presets, little notepad for user comments, volume control, measure size and click sound select in this program. Don't press the "Tap" button at least 2 seconds if you want change temp value! Unregistred version work 15 minutes ...

SiteScan  v.2.0

Measure response and browser load-time. Save and export results.

Check any type of web page, file or media. Intelligently scan all links or only first occurrence. Control scan depth, page and link count limits. Scan http, https, file, mailto ...

IFD Convert  v.2.0

iFD Convert allows you to convert one measure to another. The tool enables to create new measure categories and add as many measures as you need in each category. Also you can edit a category by adding or removing measures in it, or delete a whole category.

Onlineeye Pro  v.2 3

Onlineeye Pro is a internet speed measurement tool which measure, analyze and record the bandwidth and speed of your internet connection.
A zoomable and printable graph shows time and speed history, allowing you to see what Internet activity took ...

Flash Memory Toolkit  v.2 1

Main features include:
Supports flash memory cards and USB sticks
Fast and accurate file recovery
Secure erase function, wipes entire contents
Extensive error checking
Backup function, create bit-by-bit identical copies

MB-Ruler  v.

MB-Ruler helps you to measure distances and angles on the screen and distances on a map.

The ruler and protractor is almost transparent, so you can have it on the screen, while you are working with the applications below.

Additionally ...

ISenseLight  v.1.0

iSenseLight provides easy calibration of ISM sensors for fast Plug and Measure installation, and predictive diagnostics for increased process uptime. The simple to use interface offers all important information on one screen.
No license is required ...

VE Network Catcher (Lite)  v.4 5

Network Catcher, from Shunra Software, is a free network monitoring tool that records and displays latency and packet loss between your PC and any internet site. Use this freeware tool to monitor the quality of your network link. You can save all your ...

GpRoko  v.1.8

Investigate altitude and speed information, measure distances and cut tracks.GpRoko (Track Analyzer) Features:
1. import NMEA files
2. export Google KML
3. investigate tracks and way points
4. distance calculations on track
5. colorized ...

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