Maximise Computerspeed


CARGOMANAGER  v.5.0.0005

CARGOMANAGER helps you maximise space utilisation in a freight container, trailer, pallet or any other rectangular based enclosure with boxes, pallets or drums. It has been proven to provide major cost savings for companies across a wide range of industries.

BestAddress HTML Editor  v.15. 1. 2001

BestAddress HTML Editor lets you visually design and code your websites using a huge selection of professional tools to maximise your website development capabilities.Unlike many other HTML editors, the BestAddress HTML Editor even includes DigitalAccess ...


MailRules  v.2 1

Our vision is for MailRules to become the defacto international standard in the secure automated transfer and delivery of information via email, integrating current and future business processes or rules to maximise productivity. MailRules is a patent-pending ...

CheckPRC  v.2.0

Palm OS API Version Check (CheckPRC) is a useful tool for Palm developers to identify compatibility problems and maximise the number of users who can access their applications. It can be used to determine the earliest version of Palm OS that a Palm application ...

E-Rkive  v.3.0.347

E-Rkive makes email archiving simple for the user and helps network administrators maximise network resources. E-Rkive interfaces seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook? (2000, 2002 (XP) and 2003) to provide users with with a fast and simple way to archive ...

DiffPic  v.1.0 Beta

DiffPic is a simple picture comparer with a minimal user interface to maximise the viewing area. Mouse buttons switch between 2 JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP or TIFF images, an Exclusive-or of them and a custom difference highlighter. Images can be panned and zoomed.

String overlap matcher for large data  v.1.0

This is a multi-threaded Java program that tries to maximise CPU utilization by separating and distributing the computational part of the work from the file reading and writing part by using separate threads.

Print Inspector  v.7.0.8

Print Inspector is a flexible, cost-effective solution designed to help you maximise the return on your printer investment and minimise the total cost of printer ownership. It can be used for managing print jobs and also provides you with comprehensive ...


trendingBot represents an alternative to the conventional data analysing software. It can be defined as an "equation seeker" or a "trend finder". Three main features characterise its innovative algorithm: * as detailed calculations as required (minimum ...

DQ Match  v.8.0

Developed over the past 20 years, we believe our Match™ Data Quality Software ensures your data is fit for use and allows you to:

* Create duplicate free data you can trust for better-informed decision making
* Link disparate data sources to deliver a Single Customer View (SCV)
* Deliver Master Data Management (MDM) projects
* Automate repetitive data management tasks
* Drive out unnecessary data scrap and rework
* Maximise the value of your ...

IconMP3  v.1 2

When minimised there is a right click menu with all the common player controls and also shows the song currently playing so there is no need to maximise the the player to control it. IconMP3 supports the latest ID tags for mp3 songs.

!SlingShot  v.1.0

Maximise your AutoCAD software with this seamless tool - available for versions 2000 - 2010 and beyond.
!SlingShot offers a generous selection of productivity features for AutoCAD software suite and works seamlessly with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT using ...

Instant Adsense Microsite Creator  v.1 1

Come with a proven high CTR layout templates that maximise your Adsense earning ...

Exercise Diary  v.3 1

Maximise your potential and vastly improve your figure with Exercise Diary.
By recording your fitness progress, Exercise Diary will be able to highlight weaknesses. Don't waste time at the gym! - Ensure that each and every workout is maximised so ...

JCalc  v.1.0

In order to maximise the number of lines you see.

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