Mathcad Similar


Similar Picture Find  v.

Similar Picture Find is a freeware product for searching duplicate and similar pictures in large collections of picture files (wallpapers, photos, textures, etc.). It supports all well-known picture file formats including bmp (dib), gif, jpg (jpeg, jpe, ...

PTC Mathcad Express  v.3.1

PTC Mathcad Express is free-for-life engineering math software. You get unlimited use of the most popular capabilities in PTC Mathcad - the most powerful technical calculation software available. Easily solve, document, share and reuse vital calculations.


Similar Data Finder for Excel

Similar Data Finder for Excel will help you to find cells with similar values in Microsoft Excel 2000-2007 worksheets. The program enables you to quickly find mistakes made while entering cell values; easily correct the mistakes; find and mark cells which ...

Mathcad Prime  v.1.0

The Mathcad can calculate, graph, and communicate technical ideas. It lets us work with mathematical expressions using standard math notation - but with the added capability to recalculate, view, present, and publish with ease, even to the Web.Mathcad ...

XSelect Similar  v.1.2

XSelect Similar allows you to select similar items in a Finder window. For example, you can select all of the similar types of items among a bunch of others in a Finder window.

DuMP3 - duplicate & similar file finder  v.1.0

DuMP3 is a duplicate and similar file finder. It finds exact duplicate binaries by hash, similar text files by substring content, images (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc) by color and audio files (MP3, WAV, OGG, etc) by wave data. Future: fonts, video.

Mathcad  v.14.0.3

Mathcad 14.0 features full Unicode Support for global collaborations and to improve IP, (the capture of intellectual property). A mathematical tool, the program features capabilities to manipulate equations; numbers; and text and graphs, allowing them ...

Similar & Duplicate File Finder  v.6.0

This software is great for when you want to find similar pictures in your hard drive.

NoClone Free - Find Duplicate, Similar Files

NoClone - file management utility software to find & delete TRUE duplicate files (Vista compatible)
* True Byte-to-byte comparison , not by CRC
* Search duplicate file contents regardless of file name
* Delete or move duplicate
* Clean ...

Similar Image File Finder Software  v.7.0

Compare pictures for pixel similarities. Choose which files to send to the Recycle Bin. This software can be used to find an original image and its corresponding thumbnail. The application features simple user interface and ease in maneuverability. The ...

EF Duplicate MP3 Finder  v.6.30

The EF Duplicate MP3 Finder is a useful program that help you to find out and remove duplicate audio files with same or similar properties, files that occupy so unnecessarily storage place on your computer or your server.

In addition the program ...

NoClone Enterprise-duplicate file finder  v.6.0.25

NoClone - file management utility software to find and delete TRUE duplicate files

* Find and delete duplicate folders (New in 2013)
* Find and delete similar images (New in 2013)
* Compare folders
* True Byte-to-byte ...


Similarity is a useful program that helps you to find and remove similar, duplicate musical files (MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF, WAV, FLAC, APE, WV) with the same or similar sound content, music tags (ID3,WMF,Vorbis). This is the best program where similarity of ...

Duplicate Photo Finder  v.

Unlike similar products, Duplicate Photo Finder does not just look for exact duplicates. Instead, it analyzes and recognizes an photo's content, and groups pictures that look alike. You can specify the level of similarity that is sufficient ...

Excel Fuzzy Compare and Match Duplicates Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to highlight cells with similar content in one or more Excel files. The user can define the percentage of match and to find fuzzy duplicates within 1 or 2 selections (ranges). Excel 2000 or higher required.

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