Material Costs


Costrak Web Timesheets Online  v.1.0

This is a web based Timesheet application for tracking Time & material costs. It is ideal for professionals who bill out their time and material costs to their clients.Using TAM, you can record all the working hours and costs incurred. Using TAM, you ...

Pipe Cutting System  v.4.7

The main function of the aslike pipe cutting system, cutting products to optimize the layout to fully enhance the utilization of materials, reduce the artificial nesting workload and improve work efficiency and saving material costs. Aslike pipe cutting ...


TM JobBag  v.1.2

Simple Scalable Job Bag Time tracking software basic download allows you to add jobs, add time and material costs to a job, report on budget and actual spends on a job, track hours spent, add notes for ammendments and additions and much more. JobBag is ...

2011 National Framing and Finish  v.1.0.0003

Lists material costs and manhours for finish carpentry such as ceiling sheathing, interior trim, molding, paneling, cabinets, countertops, hardwood flooring, wood stairways, and more.

EasyBlank  v.1. 3. 4000

The calculated blank shape is then nested and optimized into a coil layout, estimating material costs for your sheet metal tooling project.

QuickService  v.3.0

Uses work ticket processes and inventory management system to provide full control of material costs and tracking.
* Barcoding further automates inventory control
* Customer Relations Management
* Automatic alarms for priority accounts
* ...


4% vs 10% inaccuracy) than manual calculations with full associativity to native geometry
-Accurate material cost in minutes for budget integrity
-Reduce material costs and number of prove-out trials
-Reduces Collaboration Lag (time to ...

FSM Field Staff Manager  v.2. 1. 2004

From there the field service technician can record all details to do with the job including appointments made, material costs, time worked and update the system in real time. Powerful management features including: Calendar overview, charts to see jobs ...

FastMaint CMMS Maintenance Management Software  v.8.0.1

Track and estimate labor costs, material costs and inventory needs. Define global or individual working calendars with days off and holidays. Detect schedule conflicts and reduce overtime costs. Plan maintenance for any given period, ...

Reduce Car Costs

Save money by always having your car costs under control with this program: Fast and simple collection of all expenditure for your car/motorbike. Collect your insurance costs, car tax, repair costs and also your fuel costs. You thus always have your eye ...

Office Material Management System  v.

Office Material Management System (OMMS) is a powerful management information system for office material (e.g., printing paper, stationery, calculators, cameras, computers, printers) and inventory.
By analyzing the materials inventory and usage tracking ...

3ddragon Super Material PRO

A great and useful stuff tool for 3dsmax(especially for architecture design)* It can add unlimited number of material spheres and assign materials to objects swiftly.* You can set your favorite materials as quick materials. * You can add .mat format material ...

Super Material  v.3.0

Super material is a useful material tool for 3dsmax.(especially for interior & architectural design)

Lets you add more than 24 materials in the material editor,quick remove missing maps,quick assign materials to objects,quick manage your material ...

Material Layer Interface (MLI)  v.1.0004

With the Material Layer Interface (MLI) you can create Material Layers and passes in 3D Studio Max and it's easy to handle them. Just create the layers and pick the objects. Assign materials to the objects and feel free to use different renderer or render ...

Work Schedule Template With Shifts and Labor Costs  v.1

Work hours and labor costs are automatically computed based on shift assignments and hourly rates.

The template's 3-tab system lets you configure the worksheets to match your operations. Use the Employees worksheet tab to enter employee names ...

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