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WebDate  v.1

webDate? allows you to start a fully automated dating site with many of the advanced features of existing personals sites, such as The fully automated dating software allows you to accept credit card payments instantly. Payments can ...

Mu Player  v.1.0.4

com login (decrease waiting time from 45 to 25 seconds).


Cookie Crumble  v.1.0

com,, and all sites that contains the word "yahoo". This feature is very useful if a website or forum has banned you or is monitoring your online activity with a tracking cookie. This powerful cookie cleaner can also wipe ALL cookies from ...

Plentyoffish  v.

PlentyOfFish, the worlds largest online dating site with over 32 million users! It's FREE to use, so join the largest community of online daters (minimum age required to join the site is 18 years) and let PlentyOfFish help you connect with your soulmate!

Unlike and Eharmony ...

EvryU  v.

It’s not Facebook, it’s not, it’s for discovering people nearby who want to have fun and interact in real-time.

• Start by finding your friends on a map or use the “hide me” option to keep your location more mysterious ... Brick Match  v.1.0

com Brick Match is a fun game played by matching same-colored bricks. The bricks fall in a tetris like way. Once 3 bricks touch, they are cleared from the board. Game play continues until a brick reaches the top of the board. This game is brought to you ...

VAG-COM  v.10. 6. 2001

VAG-COM is a software package for Windows that emulates the functions of the dealers' very expensive proprietary scan tools.
VAG-COM is the first aftermarket VAG-Tool.
Is fully compatible with all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through 2009, ...

Halloween Night - Pumpkin Match  v.3 11

Halloween Night - Pumpkin Match is a puzzle game brought to you by It is another match-3 game that combines a cool storyline with the typical elements of this type of puzzles. Despite adding nothing new to the genre, the game entertains ...

IC Login  v.1.0

IC Login is used to automate the login to com hem Internet Cable and Telia ADLS, both FLS and ELAS (login methods, ignore if you don't recognize). It's a Windows program that can also run as a service.

Myspace Login  v.1 1

Tired of logging in to your multiple myspace accounts?
Then you need myspace2max login manager.
With this simple little app you can easy manage as many accounts as you want.

Just save all your accounts in the application ...

MSAD Login  v.1.7.5

MSAD Login is a system that connects a Macintosh OS X machine to a Windows server running Active Directory.If you use your Macintosh in a Windows environment that has a Windows server, MSAD Login can connect to that server allowing you to mount your home ...

ASP Printer COM

Print your documents, files and data from ASP pages, HTML pages or from any other programming language using just a single line of code! ASP Printer COM is a 32-bit ActiveX COM component (DLL) that enables you to print almost anything from within your ...

SmartSniff for COM, LPT, USB.

The best tool for doing LPT, COM and USB port's data transfer logging. Using this tool you can simply do monitoring and spying data transffered through ports. This is useful for people who want to research any additional HW connected to port like mobile ...

Regex Match Tracer  v.3.0.1

Regex Match Tracer is a convenient, advanced, powerful tool for regex editing, testing, debugging and optimizing, especially for very long and considerate regex. It becomes more easy and convenient to write a long regex with Regex Match Tracer 3.0. It ...


HS COM is a software library (with full C source code) that allows a calling user application to access serial communication ports (COM devices) under 32-bit MS Windows operating systems. It allows to transmit data, receive data and control line signals ...

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