Masters Of Nursing


Masters Of Mystery Crime Of Fashion  v.32.0

Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion is an arcade game developed by Big Blue Bubble.

Your character in this game is a detective who has to investigate a murder case. The victim is a fashion designer, and you will come to realize ...

Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal  v.7. 3. 2023

Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal

Experience an intense murder mystery! Upon discovering two dead bodies in a penthouse, it's up to the experienced Carrie Chase to unravel the clues behind these grisly murders.

As Chase progresses ...


Masters of Mystery Deluxe  v.

Masters of Mystery - Blood of Betrayal Deluxe, a gripping new detective case from the dramatic hidden object series! Expect the unexpected and walk the beat with Carrie Chase and solve a grisly double-homicide. Investigate the crime scene and use forensic ...

Masters of Backgammon  v.1.4.2004

??? WELCOME TO THE AMAZING APP OF BACKGAMMON!??? Top #1 in Dice Category in Russia and Turkey ??? The Only ONLINE BACKGAMMON on the AppStore!Masters of Backgammon is a wonderfully executed game of backgammon in medieval style. It h ...

Masters of Backgammon Free  v.1.1.2004

??? WELCOME TO THE AMAZING APP OF BACKGAMMON!??? The Only ONLINE BACKGAMMON on the AppStore! ??? FOR FREE AND WITH NO ADVERTISEMENTS! Masters of Backgammon is a wonderfully executed game of backgammon in medieval style. It has very ...

Nursing Central  v.

Institutional Nursing Central
from Unbound Medicine

This Institutional Version of Nursing Central is ONLY for users whose institutions have purchased a site license and need to download the mobile application.

If you are not an institutional ...

Eagle Flight 3D  v.

Among thickly wooded mountains lay the hunting grounds of the masters of the skies. Here, close to a large lake, the sovereign golden eagle flies through the air. He vigorously beats his wings and is carried by the wind over the trees and mountains as ...

Elegant Snakes Free Screensaver  v.2.0.1

They are masters of camouflage and their skin always has color and patterns that helps snakes to hide and to be almost invisible for preys and enemies of them. The wood and water snakes from the tropical regions near the equator have the most vivid colors ...

Artist Colony  v.32.0

Inspire artists, sculptors, dancers & musicians to become masters of their craft. Sell brilliant works of art as you battle the elements to restore a once-thriving colony and attract new talent.
Special Bonus: free Strategy Guide with purchase!
Inspire ...

Glyph  v.32.0


Game description:

In Glyphs Deluxe you are a descendant of the Masters of Elements and you save the world of Kuros from destruction by deciphering the hieroglyphs.
Use the powers of Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Air in ...

Spheres Master  v.1.0

New to the game is Masters of Spheres. These are frog-like creatures that are pushing colored balls along the winding groove towards the hole. Your goal is to catch Masters, which is only possible when they have no balls to push. Once all ...

Birds around the World  v.1.0

Birds - the masters of the sky - will tell you all about it. Birds the masters of the sky - are so different, so lovely and sweet! They are so free! Do you like freedom? They'll sing you about it, they'll share with you their bright, colorful life. Acquire ...

Multiplication Master  v.2 1

Fast, simple and easy to use for budding multiplication masters of all ages!

Keeps your score so you can see how well you're doing.

Single table mode lets you focus on one multiplication table at a time - the fastest way to ...

CombatAlly  v.32

A relatively straightforward combat management tool for Dungeon Masters of Dungeons&Dragons 4E. Manages monster entities with name, hitpoints and conditions. Written in C++ with the help of QT ...

Omnihedron  v.rc

Omnihedron provides customized dice rolling and powerful, random list rolling to players and game masters of any role-playing system.

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