Master Of Magic


Master of Magic Emulator  v.0.2

Master of Magic Emulator in Java ...

Master Of Magic Game Editor  v.2

Save game editor for Master of Magic - the best game ever !


Master of Magic Shell  v.1.0

The Master of Magic game remake written in Java 1.5. This will be able to act as a "skinable" game that can be adapted to other games with the same style of play with no coding.

Master of Ceremonies - Wedding MC

au - Master of Ceremonies - Wedding MC ...

Mysteries of Magic Island  v.1.0

Mysteries of Magic Island is a hidden-object game with a magical ambience. You will find yourself on a Magic Island, and you will need to escape from it in order to return to the Great Magic School. To do so, you must find magic objects that will grant ...

Master of the Board

Absolutist proudly presents classic everlasting Game Collection - Master of the Board. All is done for your convenience and pleasure: graphics pleasing your eyes, selection of the most favorite board games, various options allowing to choose a game, appropriate ...

Master of Defence  v.1.68

Master Of Defense is a wonderful strategy game that lets you assume the role of a brave hero, who has been chosen to save the ancient kingdom from the hordes of monsters. The challenge of the game is to ward off relentless attacks of monsters and prevent ...

Master of my Domain  v.1.0

About Master of my DomainThe coolest solution for keeping track of your domain names, server information, monitoring server uptime and monitoring expiration dates with iCal integration!A beautiful and intuitive interface that is undeniably Mac, Master ...

Runes of Magic  v.

Runes of Magic is a free to play MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game).
Although it is for free, it offers everything you are used from other very successful MMORPGs, also a very good graphic.
Despite to other MMORPG it offers ...

Academy of Magic  v.

Academy of magic is a puzzle/word game. Its goal is to find the longest possible words on a tile board to get points. As you play you will get the chance to use limited spells (power ups) to help you make longer words and increase your 'magic level' and ...

Master Of Defense  v.

Master Of Defense 2.2 is a strategy game developed by Voodoo Dimention.
Master Of Defense 2.2 is a really interesting game in which we must defend our kingdom from the attacks of evil creatures. In this game we must build towers to kill the enemies ...

Druids Battle of Magic  v.2 1

In Druids: Battle of Magic it is up to the brave druids to follow the thief's trail back to the dark castle and recover their ancestral artifact. Help the druids on their way in this enchanting adventure puzzle game. Druids: Battles of Magic is a fantasy ...

The Return of Magic Online  v.1.26a

The Return of Magic Online is a free MMORPG based on turn-based old school RPGs. The game presents nostalgic graphics like in 16-bit games. It is up to be able to pick up a character and freely interact with other players connected in the same world.

Master of singers  v.

How many music artists do you know?
Test NOW your skill!
thousands of photos, guess the name and become the master!

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What's new in V1.4
- ...

Master of movies  v.

How many movie poster do you know?
Test NOW your skill!
Thousands of photos, guess the name and become the master!

Navigate from your phone to for to donload the full "Master of" serie

v. 1.2
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