Many Additional Features


RPM Pro  v.3 8

00 or more, as well as many additional features not yet available elsewhere.
Not a whiz at computers? No problem, the entire program was designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use operator interface which allows you to be up to speed quickly.

KenFTP  v.5.0

It can handle most if not all of your Internet file transfers and offers many additional features.
KenFTP is extremely easy to use so even Internet beginners will have no problems doing file transfers. Professional users will like the multithreaded ...


MU-Trace  v.1 1

In comparison with a standard output debugging window MU-Trace has many additional features. You can add up to 255 users and define an individual color per user. Up to 30 individual output levels per user can be defined. Toggle the output based on user ...

Calculator-7  v.1.02

Calculator-7 is full analog of 24 digits pocket calculator with many additional features. For example, calculate total from clipboard (copy data to clipboard from table or text and press one button), customize an appearance (scale, fonts, background color ...

JNetVis  v.3

A java-based editor for network-plans with many additional features like cisco-router-configuration for specific models, tftp-server, terminal (over serial interface).

NotePad SX Pro  v.1.4.1

Have you ever tried to edit your text documents with the tabbed interface?

NotePad SX is a fast, stable, user-friendly, tabbed plain text editor

NotePad SX is not only the great looking replacement and upgrade of standard Windows Notepad, but it gives you an ability to feel the power of plain text editing with many additional features.

Exotic Minesweeper

There are many different board variations with cells of different shapes: hexagonal, octagonal, square, parquet and others. Additional features: sound effects, customizable colors and cells size, high resolution timer, statistics, large high scores table, ...


Additional features: Mail application, database for all applications, PDF conversion, many text and design variations, and more! JOB APPLICATION MASTER doesn't simply provide text templates, but automatically creates and individualizes all job application ...

DVDConvert Pro  v.2.0.13

It has many additional and exciting features such as Sutitle offset, DVD Crop, DVD Letterbox, Text watermark, Image watermark, Snap DVD, Split DVD, Batch tasks, etc.
The following is the leading features:

1,Directly rip DVD (Info/vob file);

DVDConvert Std  v.2.0.01

DVDConvert has many additional and exciting features such as the following:

1. Rip DVD to RM,RMVB,RA,WMV and WMA file format .
2. Subtitle and Audio track selection.
3. ID3 tag editor.
4. Audience selection and editor.

Emulator Enhancer  v.2.3

The Emulator Enhancer plugin adds a number of additional features to many of the emulators available from this site. These include: Bilinear Filtering Full screen mode Screen Curvature USB Gamepad and Joystick support VBL Synchronised Video. Bienvenue.

TSOfficePool - March Insanity

Additional features include: "Team Stats & Odds" which shows how all the members picked the teams. "Best Shot" which displays which members have the best shot in winning. "Big 8,4,2 Chances" which displays how many chances of each member to finish in ...

Sudoku Dragon  v.

Sudoku Dragon is a Sudoku puzzle solver that has many useful features to help puzzle solvers of all levels of experience. It gives a wide range of types of hints and suggestions on how to solve the puzzle. Ranging from checking allocation to revealing ...

Cowtris  v.2 1

Falling block games are almost as abundant as free AOL CDs and telemarketers, so why do you need a new one? Well, Cowtris may not have many more features than your average tetris game, but there is one major difference that sets it apart. Mighty few of ...

NiftyWindows  v.

Welcome to NiftyWindows! This free tool provides many helpful features for an easier handling of your Windows (c) operating system. It does not need any complex installation nor does it read or save any information on your system other than the application ...

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