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Phone Calls Filter  v.

Are you bothered with unwanted phone calls ? not anymore ! just set filters for incoming phone calls.. use categorized answering modes - such as: hanging up, personalized greetings etc... All based on caller ID. filter your incoming calls so that all ...

Cephei Contact Manager  v.1.5.0

Send SMS and make phone calls within Cephei Contact Manager quickly and easily via Skype which runs in the background. Pay only LOW COST Skype SMS and Phone Call fees. Email reminders to your customers are free. Setup of your Skype account is easy and ...


NetTelephone VoIP Calls  v.2.0

With this software you can both make phone calls or send SMS to mobile phones worldwide.

System Requirements:
Operative system: Windows 98/2000/ME/2003/XP/Vista
Audio device, for example a headphone with speaker & microphone
An ...

Firefly Internet Phone

You can make phone calls to any other Firefly users anywhere in the world for free. You also get instant messaging to other Firefly users, as well as your own Voicemail box so people can leave you a message when you are unavailable or not on the Internet ...

Grandstream HandyTone-286

The simple way on the Internet to make phone calls The mobile phone adapter Tone - 286 ATA offers a simple way of the favorable SiPHome tariffs to benefit. The adapter converts the analog voice signals into digital for the computer to understand data.

Doddle WebPhone

Doddle is a free online SIP webphone through which you can make phone calls from within a webpage.It works with couple of VoIP providers or you can even fill it with your own SIP settings details.There is no desktop software to be downloaded at all. CODECS: ...

ISDNphone  v.

ISDNphone, makes your PC ready for computer-telephony!
Using your hardware ISDN-adapter, you can now make phone calls from your PC. The speech is processed either by the built-in soundcard (Standard Mode) or - for professional quality - by special ...

UAEVoiz Dialer  v.

It allows you to make phone calls directly from your PC. It integrates an Audio Tuning Wizard which helps you tune audio settings on your computer to give you the best voice quality when making calls.
Also, you will be able to manage your phone ...


SILLYCALL is a smart, powerful, professional and efficient tool that helps you easily and quickly make phone calls all over the world using your computer.

SILLYCALL is also an very easy to use communication software with a very friendly and ...

Ye Olde Rotary  v.

While YE OLDE ROTARY can make phone calls, the primary purpose is for entertainment.

Take a step back in time and enjoy the slow paced method of dialing-it's just fun!

Great for gags when someone borrows your phone or just remembering ...

QuickKallLite  v.

QuickKallLite for Windows Phone makes it easy to make phone calls using calling cards and manage your calls based on your country location. The calls are made using the address book without user requiring any changes to the phone numbers in address book.

Smart Phone Recorder

Smart Phone Recorder can record your phone calls at an incredible compression rate of 3.7MB/Hour into windows wave files using your computer's voice modem. Another unique feature that is Smart Phone Recorder can start recording automatically even you ...

PC-Telephone  v.6.3

Make FREE pc-to-pc, pc-pc and cheap pc-to-phone, pc-phone, pc-to-fax, pc-fax, phone-to-pc, phone-pc, fax-to-pc, fax-pc, SIP-telephone, sip-to-phone calls over Internet/VoIP or ISDN/PSTN telephone networks. Use your computer as internet telephone, USB ...

Vphonet  v.1. 8. 2011

Vphonet lets you make FREE calls over a broadband connection to other Vphonet users all the time. There is no commitments, no credit card needed, and no need to pay for anything unless you decide to upgrade to Plan, or order one of services. Vphonet is ...

Speap Call  v.

With Speap Call you will be able to initiate international cheap phone calls to nearly all countries worldwide right from your desktop using the call-back mechanisms of Speap. While Speap offers more different ways to make cheap international phone calls ...

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