Major Minor Arcana


Change7 Tarot  v.1.0

The set of cards contains the 22 Major Arcana; the other 56 Minor Arcana cards are only available in the registered version).Change7 Tarot includes different card layouts, like Sample Cross and others, that are available under the Reading Layouts menu.

Pfcalc  v.1.1

Computes major, minor and static losses for flow trough pipes and ducts.
2. Uses a comma separated values (CSV) file format that can be imported in various spreadsheet programs.


How to play the guitar Vol3

You will find in this guitar course eleven studies inspired by various forms of the Blues: major, minor, finger-picking, played with a pick, etc.

The cyclic structure of this musical style produces pieces which are easy to remember, however the ...

Chords  v.1 1

Choose from Major, Minor, Seventh, Minor Seventh, Major Seventh, Sixth, Minor Sixth, Augmented, Augmented Seventh, Diminished, or any of 28 other chords and intervals - you will never need chord tables again! Tune your guitar with the Guitar Tuner tool.

ChordOracle  v.

Chord Oracle is the most easy to use guitar chord generator for WP7, and supports a lot of chord variations, ranging from simple chords like major, minor and 7th to more complex chords like 11th and 13th chords. Using touch gestures you can strum or pluck ...

GuitarTabsForChords  v.

Often we know all major, minor and 7th chords, but we do not rememeber other variants like its flats, sharps, suspended etc. This App will help you quickly find those chords and learn them. It acts as a good reference sheet of all guitar chords

How ...

Learn Guitar  v.

*Features major, minor and power(barre) chords
*Contains illustrative diagram showing fretted notes for every chord
*An exciting option to play each chord so that you know exactly what it sounds like
*Switches between major, minor ...

Harp Scales  v.

See which holes or notes played in different scales (major, minor, major and minor pentatonic and blues).

Musicians Apps  v.

You can transpose each scale to another root and Scale Viewer analyzes the scales for Major, Minor, Diminished and Augmented Triads. Each Scale can be played with several Instruments.
Transposer is the must have tool for musicians that play transposing ...

Music Theory Trainer  v.

All 15 Keys in both Major and Relative Minor are presented in Treble and Bass clef.

Statistics are kept and broken down by Major, Minor, and Overall progress.

Settings allow filtering of just Major, Minor or Both.

Application ...

Guitar Chord Finder  v.1.0.3698

You only need to choose the type of chord you want to find (Major, Minor, Augmented and so on), and one of the 12 keys (including flats and sharps), then click on the Find Chords button, and that's it. A series of chords would appear on the left window.

Jazz Scale Suggester System Lite  v.3 4

Scales covered include: Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Jazz Minor (aka Melodic Minor Ascending), Dorian, Pentatonic, Blues, Diminished, Whole Tone, Dominant Seventh (aka Mixolydian).

The program is not instrument specific, but ...

Metatropo Tarot Flashcards  v.3 11

- The 78 standard cards of the Rider-Waite Tarot
-The 78 cards reversed
-A description of the symbolism of each card (normal and reversed)

-Learn the cards in smaller groups by selecting specific categories: Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, ...

MusicalEar  v.

Whether you are a music theory geek who wants to show off your skills or a tone deaf hippie, this is the app for you! Musical Ear will train you to better identify some of the major chords and scales used in contemporary music.

The current version ...

JarLook  v.1.2

The program does not currently test minor version numbers. Why would you use this utility? To make sure that a jar intended to run under an old 1.1 JVM contains no classes accidentally compiled with javac -target 1.5. Passing this test does not guarantee ...

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