Magic The Gathering Linux


Magic The Gathering Tactics  v.6.0

Magic: The Gathering - Tactics is the first game that brings the iconic characters, spells and settings from the world's premier trading card game to life in a fully realized 3D world with tactics style game play. Tackle the challenging single-player ...

Magic The Gathering  v.

This application first free version is a points counter for your Magic match. No more paper! Just launch the application and select your match type.
You can choose between five match type:
- "Classic"
- "Two-Headed Giant"
- "Vanguard"
- ...


The MJPEG/Linux square  v.1.0

Mjpeg tools is a suite of programs which support video capture, editing, playback, and compression to MPEG of MJPEG video. Edit, play and compression software is hardware independent. Capture supports MJPEG hardware (Buz,DC10+ etc). and V4l2 devices.

MTG Studio  v.3.6

MTG Studio is Magic: the Gathering deck and collection builder for Windows.

With MTG Studio you can create magic decks to play with and organize your own paper card collection.

MTG Studio has most complete Magic database in the world.

Magic Set Editor  v.2.0

Magic Set Editor (MSE) is a tool with which you can design cards for different trading card game systems (especially, but not restricted to, Magic: The Gathering). The program has several useful tools in order to keep track of your creations: you can ...

Magic Counter  v.

Magic Counter is a wonderful app to manage your life points during your Magic The Gathering games. It's easy to use et totally free !

Magic Tracker  v.1.0.5

Magic Tracker helps track your life in the popular game, Magic: The Gathering. Best used in chatroom games, it has a small window so you can stick it below the chat window. Why is this better than the competition? It has a progress bar.

Open Magic Data (OMD)  v.1.6

The Open Magic Data project (OMD) is an attempt to organize magic data (data used in the Magic: The Gathering (TM) game) into a format that allows for easy access by encoding it into XML. see the Home page for more details. ...

Wizards Magic  v.3.0.16.alpha

Wizards Magic - OpenSource card game, based on rules of Magic: The Gathering, written in Python, using Pygame ...

MTG Life Counter  v.

A small application to track the life of players during a Magic : The Gathering game, with up to 6 players.
V1.4 : Updated for Tango
V1.3 : removed poison cap, and add poison/life visualisation in life/poison mode
V1.2 : updated for Windows ...

MTG Cards  v.

"MTG Cards" is a tool for Magic: The Gathering players.

If when you play you need help remembering the details of a card when planning the best attack or defence strategy, then this application is FOR YOU!

Search the cards and view all ...

MTGBugs  v.

Developed by Keng Siang Ooi

MTGBugs is a comprehensive app or tool for Magic the Gathering player. It integrate all kind of different tools which required by Magic players in one single app. For example life counter, dice roll, offline cards ...

MTG: Life Tracker  v.


Magic: The Gathering Life Tracker is an EXCLUSIVE Windows Phone 7 app that easily allows you to track the life totals of you and your opponents.

-2, 3, or 4 players
-Customizable names
-Customizable ...

MTG Synergy  v.

MTG Synergy is the first Magic: the Gathering app for Windows Phone 7 that supports a balance between visual appeal and features. MTG Synergy comes with all of the basics: Life tracking, EDH and poison support, match and game support, in-app card lookup, ...

Urza's Assistant for MTG  v.

Follow Magic: The Gathering news, look up card errata and prices, ban lists, alterative play styles, and even store custom deck lists. This app is also great at tracking life in Standard, Two-Headed Giant, or Commander style games, and even includes ...

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