Magic Square Fish Puzzle Solution


Magic Square  v.1.0

A cool application which lets you play Magic Square right on your computer.
This game is also sometimes called lights on.
Have lots of fun with this small software application on your computer.
Magic Square is a freeware game available ...

Tetta: (graeco-latin) square swap puzzle  v.13

A puzzle game with Graeco-Latin squares modeled after 15-puzzle, a well-known sliding puzzle. This game has more variations and is more complicated than 15-puzzle. But it brings players more fun. Please visit the homepage - ...


Academy of Magic  v.

Academy of magic is a puzzle/word game. Its goal is to find the longest possible words on a tile board to get points. As you play you will get the chance to use limited spells (power ups) to help you make longer words and increase your 'magic level' and ...

Puzzle Publisher  v.1 2

Puzzle Publisher is a unique piece of puzzle making software that helps you create word puzzles.
Puzzle Publisher allows you to make your own crossword puzzles in a few steps.
Puzzle Publisher can make a word search and fit it to any shape ...

PCVITA Outlook Magic  v.3 1

PCVITA Outlook Magic is multiple conversion solution providing end-to-end migration of MS Outlook items from PST to other non-PST formats meeting the needs of a variety of users with various MS Outlook conversion requirements. PCVITA tools have been long ...

Magic Box  v.3.3

Magic Box is a collection of applications. In it you will find
some popular jokes and puzzles such as magic square,
magic eye, latent image fading dollar and math transformation.
Will the program learn the unknown number? Will the program ...

Card Puzzles

Several varieties of puzzles are included in this collection - stacking and sequence challenges, a puzzle involving a chess knight, and a magic square puzzle with a unique twist! Puzzles range in difficulty from moderate to difficult.

Sudoku Japanese Style Lite  v.1.0

Sudoku - numeric puzzle! Examine your analytical skills! Sudoku is named 'magic square'. In this game a widely popular and favourite puzzle is beautified with citations of great people.Picturesque views of Japan will help you dive into the process.Sudoku ...

PuzzleGamesPack  v.1.0

A cool Puzzle Games pack that includes Jigsaw, Sudoku, Magic Cube, Magic Square and Towers of Hanoi puzzles. You can make Jigsaw puzzle from any of your picture and you get unlimited puzzles of all kind mentioned. The software is free to use and it is ...

MagicSquare  v.

This is a very nice puzzle game developed by puzzlegamespack , you can easly download and install the application on you pc and plus it's free of cost.
A cool application which lets you play Magic Square right on your computer. This game is also ...

Sudoku Up  v.5 1

Sudoku is a game of filling the 9*9 magic square with missing numbers. It was invented around 19th century.

This is a Sudoku game for Windows. There are many puzzles. With five difficulty levels, game play statistics with 3D pie and bar charts, ...

GridLines  v.1. 11. 2003

Gridlines is an absorbing square-forming puzzle game. Take turns drawing one line at a time on the game grid. Complete a square and you get the points, but be careful not to give away too many squares to your opponent.

Main Features :

- ...

Mindgames Magicsquare  v.2.0

A magic square is an arrangement of the numbers from 1 to n^2 (n-squared) in an nxn matrix, with each number occurring exactly once, and such that the sum of the entries of any row, any column, or any main diagonal is the same. It is not hard to show ...

Convert Outlook To vCard Contacts  v.2.2

PCVITA vCard Magic Software allow tremendous solution to convert Outlook contacts to vCard as well as provide another best contacts conversion facility to convert vCard contacts to Outlook. This software is trouble free solution to convert bulk contacts ...

Change Contacts From Outlook to Windows Contacts  v.2.2

If you need to change contacts from Outlook to Windows contacts then PCVITA vCard Magic software is superb solution which easily change contacts from Outlook to Windows contacts. Working with software is very easy which any novice user can easily perform ...

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