Macintosh Graphical Configuration


Struts2 GUI Configuration Utility  v.0.1.alpha

Graphical configuration utility for Struts2 applications. This application shows struts.xml and related files in a hierarchical way and allows to manipulate all the different elements accepted in such files according to Struts2's own DTD.

Analog Helper  v.1.6

About Analog Helper Analog Helper is a graphical configuration tool for Analog 3, which is a free program to analyse the logfiles from your web server. Analog Helper lets you control and preview the results of hundreds of settings, and means you need ...



This is more than just a TCL or eggdrop configuration script. It is a finely crafted hybrid of a graphical configuration interface and a fully functional and expandable eggdrop-based bot. Create bots and test them from your computer. Then upload them ...

System-Config-Vsftpd  v.0.5.4

Graphical configuration tool for Very Secure FTP Server (vsftpd) for gnome enviroment.

UU-OSU Laminates  v.5.0

The UU-OSU Laminates application is laminated plate theory software for the Macintosh.- Graphical editing of the laminate. You see a picture of each ply of the laminate; you can click to add or change plies, you can cut and paste plies to edit the laminate. Server!  v.

Main features

- Supports plain FTP, explicit FTPS (TLS), implicit FTPS (TLS), and SFTP file transfer protocols
- Also provides a basic secure shell (SSH-2) and forwarding tunnels support
- Runs as a system service
- Supports large files (> 4 GB)

Advanced features

- PKI authentication with multiple key-pairs per user
- Advanced FTP(S) and SFTP security settings
- Automatic blacklist
- Real-time monitor
- Virtual folders with per-folder security
- IP-based and per-user security (white-lists)
- Powerful event-handling subsystem
- Easy graphical Configuration ...

DiskLED  v.1.1.1

1 comes with a graphical configuration dialog that lets you choose from all performance counters available on the local system - you can monitor network throughput just as easily as hard disk activity or memory usage. In this article I am going to show ...

Savant  v.3.1

1 * WinCGI * ISAPI Application support * User-based password protection * Limit access by IP addresses * Easy install/uninstall * Graphical Configuration * User-defined MIME Types * Aliasing & file system mapping * Simple directory listings * Optional ...

OfficeFloor  v.2.8.0

The intuitive graphical configuration makes OfficeFloor applications self documenting - which works great with both Agile and Support. The run anywhere flexibility is unique to OfficeFloor due to its inversion of control fundamentals of: context dependency ...

CoreDuoTemp  v.1.0

Monitor the temperature of your Intel Macintosh.Required configuration: iMac 2006, MacMini 2006, MacBook Pro, MacBook. CoreDuoTemp uses SpeedIt. MacBricol'.

Java Performance TestClient  v.0.2.3

It's written in Java and comes with a Swing GUI for graphical configuration and result representation. If you w ...

Macintosh Recovery Software  v.

biz provides Macintosh recovery software that facilitates person to conveniently reform digital pictures, music collection, photographs, video clippings, office files and other important data lost due to virus corruption that have been caused while Bluetooth ...

Configuration Hunter

Configuration Hunter it is a free astrology software designed to help the astrologer during his daily activities.
The purpose of this application is to assist you in searching the various planetary configurations: Grand Trine, T-Square, Kite, Rectangle, ...

Kernel Macintosh - Data Recovery Software

Kernel for Macintosh is a robust and quick MAC data recovery software, recovers data from damaged, deleted, or corrupted mac volumes and even from initialized mac disks where Macintosh based operating systems, such as Apple Mac OS X operating system as ...

Cirrus Configuration Manager

So, why would you Telnet into each and every network device to make network configuration changes if you can do it automatically from a central location? Meet Cirrus.

Cirrus is an affordable, easy-to-use network config and change management ...

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