Machine Breakdown Report Format


MonoReport FREE Edition

MonoReport is a handy report generator that allows creating spreadsheet reports, using the easiest possible way. There is no need for special intermediate report format to create a template. You just need a) get the report form; b) change the real values ...

Web Questionnaire

You could compose questionnaires using WQ's WYSIWYG questionnaire editor, retrieve replies via email, then analyze the result using different kinds of report format.
What's New:
Support Data View to recreate original questionnaire submission.


The Report King (Reception Demo)  v.

The Report King is a software build for teachers in order to create reports.There are no statement banks for you to look through. The Report King automatically picks and randomises relevant statements for you.The Report King can even merge it's statements ...

Speedy Report  v.1.0

Speedy Report has the solution. With Speedy Report allows you to create reports in minutes and publish them to the users via the Speedy Report Client. Speedy Report is a programmable tool that makes it very easy formating columns and set conditions.

Handy Application Maker  v.1.1.1 Beta

Handy Application Maker is a database program maker designed to automatically produce various forms to handle records transaction and to view records in various format based on user setting. No coding. It is cross-platform, and supports database: MySQL, ...

Stellar Phoenix Word Repair  v.5.0

Since, the severely corrupt files are recovered by this option, thus this option recovers all the text of the damaged file but in raw format. After scanning your corrupt Word file with this software, you can see its preview in three different formats ...


Professional Recipe-Management Software that has user-friendly features to manage merchandise & recipes that are designed to make foodservice professionals intricate task easier and faster! It is packed with helpful and useful features like recipe creation ...

AXIS Camera Station  v.3.41.21

The program logs all the activities performed in the system and displays in a report format.

One of the important features of AXIS Camera Station is that it is capable of performing powerful video search on multiple cameras and allows you ...

Alloy Network Inventory  v.

Print the contents of any grid in a report format. Export data in CVS, XML, or MS Excel Worksheet formats. Detailed audit information can be published on the Intranet in the form of interactive drill-down web pages, or exported in XML format for integration ...

PowerStar Electrical  v.3.10.1000

* Circuit report format compatible with MS Word, OpenOffice, Mac.
* Use graphics to annotate and add legends, title blocks, logos to the single line diagram.

AccStar Accounting  v.2. 1. 2011

You can modify report format by just drag and drop fields
- Powerful POS System.
- Reprint outstanding stock, account receivable or account payable.
- Unlimited price level, last price on each customer also support
- Sales Commission ...

ChequePrinting.Net  v.3.7.2

Payee report and account report give you every detail about the issued cheque. The reports can be exported into HTML/PDF format and they can also be exported into Excel format for your further analysis. It is simple to manage the issue of cheques ...

ProjectLight  v.

In addition there is a customized template form which is designed to be used to print the report required by your government. The template form including its layout and fields may be changed as needed to match the report format required.Limitations:
* ...

MaaS360 Patch Analyzer  v.

This software scan any Windows-based machine and report on installed and missing patches. If you are using a local WSUS server to push patches, MaaS360 Patch Analyzer will provide a side-by-side comparison of missing patches as reported by your WSUS server ...

AvBrain for Pilots  v.

METARs and TAFs display in raw format as well as report format. Future versions are already in the works and will provide a variety of updates including N-Number lookup and much more!

We look forward to hearing your comments! contact@avbrain.

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