Mac Thesaurus Widget


Mac Man Widget  v.1.0

Mac Man Widget features a live score board that displays high scores of Mac Man Widget players worldwide.

The Gaming Mac News Widget  v.1.0

This is a Konfabulator Widget that gets the RSS feed from a website called The Gaming Mac.


Mac Help Widget  v.1.1

Uses CHAT (ichat, adium, fire, etc) or EMAIL (Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, etc) to get instant answers to your Macintosh questions and price quotes on Macintosh hardware and software. If no one is online to answer your chat, the request will be sent ...

MacMusic Widget  v.1.0

This widget for MacOS 10.4.x (Tiger) prints the latest news, software updates and articles publisehd on MacMusic Mac Music Widget. This widget for MacOS 10.4.x (Tiger) prints the latest news, software updates and articles publisehd on MacMusic.

ChmodPro  v.0.1

Mac OSX widget that determines UNIX/Linux permissions in various formats and displays chmod syntax suggestions ...

FreeDiskO  v.0.3

FreeDiskO: Mac OSX Widget that displays simple disk usage information.

QuickYellow  v.1.0

The QuickYellow Mac Dashboard widget provides you access to fast, accurate and easy local US Yellow Page results. This tool processes your desired search and shares this information with a Yellow Page provider to deliver you the most accurate results ...

MacMentor Widget  v.1.0

A forum to help switchers (and anyone else really) learn the ways of Mac. This widget will update every 15 minutes with the latest 25 posts made in the MacMentor forums. Also has a link for updating if you canlt wait 15 minutes. .

MiniStat2  v.1.89

miniStat2 is a most powerful system monitoring widget, that allows you to measure almost everything in hardware of your Mac. The widget has one main view that shows summary info about your computer, and 6 dedicated panels with more detailed stats. The ...

Forum GT RSS Mac Widget  v.1.0

Forum GT RSS Mac Widget allows you to read the Forum GT Mac section (an italian webmaster resource forum). marco ziero e il blog del figlio del presidente. [Treviso] Blog personale di Marco Ziero. Si parla di Web Marketing, SEO, Apple e cibo...tanto cibo.

Intuiware Widget  v.1.1

intuiware Widget is a simple and elegant Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X Tiger designed to display the latest news and highlights from our web site at intuiware : Home. Design and development of Mac OS X software.

MacUpdate Widget  v.2.0

MacUpdate Widget is a Dashboard widget that allows you to display the latest Mac OS X software releases on your desktop. Features include:Customize the new releases feed based on specific category.Track the Dashboard Widgets category to view all new widgets ...

BARTsmart BART Widget  v.0.7.5

The BARTsmart BART Widget displays real-time BART train schedules and news at a glance, so you always know when the next trains depart and arrive. This BART widget is perfect for everyone who rides BART, commuters and casual riders alike. BART schedules ...

Anagram Widget  v.1.0

Anagram Widget is a Dashboard widget that helps you find any anagrams at the free anagram service of Simply type a word, a name or anything, hit enter and youNll find (sometimes funny) anagrams of what you have typed. Mac-Widgets. Widgets ...

GiftTagging Widget  v.1.0

This widget shows giftlists of any gifttagging user. Get your friends and family make their lists and see them from the gifttagging widget. beWidget - Dashboard Widgets. Apple Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard Widgets ...

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