Lure Retriever


GRP Golden Retriever Puppies  v.1.0

Solve a fun and challenging puzzle picture of adorable golden retriever puppies.

Web Retriever  v.

Web Retriever is a strong and flexible program tool for automatically retrieving content from the World-Wide Web. By "content" we mean any information or object presented on a web page that can be copied or downloaded to the user's computer. Web content ...


Web File Retriever  v.2.0

Web File Retriever is a simple utility that will enable you to add as many URLs as you want and have the corresponding files automatically downloaded. With Web File Retriever, any item on the list can receive time stamps in their names and the program ...

LeXso Data-Retriever  v.2.1

The leXso Data-Retriever is a useful piece of software that allows its user to automatically record market data from the Betfair X-Hold'em and/or X-Blackjack Games (Standard and/or Turbo versions). Deciding what to record is up to you via the Preferences.

Retriever  v.2. 3. 2001

Retriever is an image viewer program. Using this program you can load your images and preview them. The program offers windowed and full screen view modes. Retriever supports the following formats: jpg, jpe, jpeg, jif, bmp, dib, png, gif, tif and wmf.

Symphonie Data Retriever  v.6 10

Symphonie Data Retriever Software can process the data by importing the data into a self-contained Microsoft Access compatible database. Data can be exported in 10 or 60 minute tab delimited ASCII or WAsP format for any time range.

Works ...

Flash Retriever  v.1 3

Flash Retriever recovers pictures, movies and sounds from:
- SmartMedia™
- Memory Stick™
- CompactFlash™
- xD Picture Card™
- all other flash memory devices (e.g., pen drives, thumb drives)
- Sony Mavica camera floppy ...

Federal Money Retriever  v.6 6

Federal Money Retriever® (FMR) is the premier software for organizations and individuals interested in applying for U.S. government grants and loans. Federal Money Retriever® is the established leader in its category. In fact, it is America's best-selling ...

EZY Retriever  v.1.138

EZY Retriever is an easy-to-use solution that searches web sites and automaticly download the files you specify, wether they be images, multimedia, document or other files. EZY Retriever has a browser window similar to Internet Explorer. You simply ...

Rocket Retriever  v.3.0

Rocket Retriever organizes your computer's files into an easy to search list. Enter partial or full names to view all files with matching text in their names, ready to run or open. And pressing the Enter key on the entry runs the program, or launches ...

Webmail Retriever for Hotmail  v.2. 2. 2004

Send and receive mail through any number of hotmail accounts using a real email program!
With Webmail Retriever you can access your Hotmail account using any email program such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, or TheBat.
Mail ...

EnLighter Retriever  v.2.0

enLighten Retriever allows you to capture content to your library, and add notes and highlights in different colors. You can then go back and search only for your blue highlights or green notes. Add your voice to e-mails when sending information to your ...

Word Retriever  v.

Word Retriever challenges you with, and can solve, word jumble and crossword puzzles. It lets you choose from five skill levels, so anyone from beginner to advanced can use it. Word Retriever can also lookup the definition of any word as well.

It ...

Photo Retriever  v.1.3.3

Photo Server and Photo Retriever are a pair of applications for Mac OS X and Symbian OS Series 60 phones from Nokia that allow effortless downloads of pictures taken with the phone to your Macintosh wirelessly via Bluetooth. One can also add the images ...

POP3 Internet Mail Retriever  v.1.1.1

You can run it standalone (see the picture below), or you can automate it via Windows Scripting, DOS batch files, or any VBA client!In addition to all the advantages automation offers, POP3 Internet Mail Retriever solves three other common problems even ...

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