Lunar Phase Ephemeris


Lunar Phase  v.

Shows the current phase and phase name of the moon. It also shows the rise and set times of the moon. There are also pges that show a list of upcoming full, new, and rise/set times for the Moon as well as rise and set times of the Sun. You can select ...

At Moon Phase  v.

At Lunar Phase is a Metro style application that will show the approximate lunar phase for a specific date, along with its zodiac sign.
- Metro style visuals
- Live tile with today’s phase
- Current zodiac sign
- List ...


World Almanac  v.4 3

The World Almanac displays solar and lunar data for every 30 minutes throughout the day in addition to the times of rise, set and twilight, the lunar phase and a picture of the horizon. Many hundreds of locations can be stored to include the height of ...

Sun & Moon Calculator  v.4. 4. 2002

This Solar and Lunar database for Windows is a vital utility for photographers - or anyone who needs to know the position of the Sun and Moon from any location at any time. Plus a host of other unique features including lunar phase. The horizon window ...

MoonMenu  v.3.0.1

MoonMenu is an extension that adds a small moon in the current lunar phase to the right side of your menubar. It serves as a subtle, unobtrusive reminder that there's an entire universe out there, even without your web browser.This download includes two ...

MB Moon Phase

MB Free Moon Phase is one of the most simple and accurate moon phase calculator software. The program has been uniquely designed to calculate which phase the Moon is passing through on any particular day. The program is based on the astronomy calculations ...

LunarPhase Pro  v.3 31

Not just an interactive Moon Atlas, LunarPhase Pro (for Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7) is a moon observer's software toolkit designed to help you learn about the Moon and make your lunar observing sessions more productive. It produces a calendar ...

Lunatic Trader  v.1.0

LunaticTrader is a program that can calculate all moon phases and lunar cycles.

The author of this program thinks that this data is relevant to decide when to do businesses, as investing in stocks. He believes that the market behavior is somewhat ...

PC Weather Station  v.

Can represent in the weather symbolic file the lunar phase, the moon age, new moon, full moon and the sunrise, suntransit and sunset time.

Pocket Stars  v.6 1

- Lunar Phase calendar and animation showing the relative positions of the earth, moon, and sun.
- Images and physical data for planets, moon and sun. Optional display of all Messier and Caldwell objects through separate free download.

Bodie's Calendar  v.2 25

Library to classify your books, Zodiac's Signs, lunar phase, day and week's number present in screen. This utility reads everything copied to the clipboard from any application (office pack, e-mail messages, web pages, etc.). Is also perfect for people ...

Alcyone Ephemeris  v.

'Alcyone Ephemeris' is a complex, fast and accurate astronomical ephemeris calculator covering the period 3000 BC to AD 3000. I like the fact that it has many useful functions and features that help the user find the information that he or she needs.

Desktop Lunar Calendar

Desktop Lunar Calendar is simple, fun and easy to use calendar. It is accurate anywhere in the world. It has two parts: image of the current moon's phase and compact, harmonic moon calendar. The 4 main quarter phases - Full, New, First Quarter, and Last ...

Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder  v.10 19

The program helps you find dates of lunar or solar eclipses and lunar phases. Also displays the current phase of the moon.
Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder does not only that displays different dates of lunar and solar eclipses, but also using ...

Personal Lunar Organizer

You can track lunar cycles, keep events and appointments, add recurrences, enable reminders, use labels and markings, change views, print calendars.

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