Lucy Pinder


Lucy Lawless Saver  v.1

This Lucy Lawless screensaver is the best around. Just try it and see.

Lucy's Globe  v.2

Lucy's Globe is a multilingual globe and a geography puzzle. It gives you the possibility to improve your geographical knowledge and at the same time to learn the corresponding vocabulary not only in English but also in foreign languages. And you do this ...


Lucy's Expedition  v.1.0

Dig up some family fun with Lucy's Expedition, an original time-management game from the creators of Little Shop - Road Trip! When pieces of a mysterious map begin appearing around the world, it's up to Lucy Livingston to track them down. Help Lucy and ...

Trans Lucy  v.2.0

Keep right on working though because you have Trans Lucy 2, the video player that lets you work and watch at the same time.Trans Lucyls video display floats above the rest of your windows so you get an unobstructed view of your favorite movies. Oh, but ...

Word Pirate  v.2.31

Use your word skills while fighting pirates, Arrr! As runaway pirate, Captain Lucy, you must embark on an adventure throughout the Caribbean to restore your father's name. Earn a reputation as a fearsome pirate with a mighty ship to command. Defeat your ...

Lucys Globe  v.3.01

With Lucy's Globe you can improve your geographical knowledge and at the same time not only learn the corresponding vocabulary in English but also in Spanish, German and French. An this, you do it while playing because the globe transforms into a geographical ...

A Bugs Defense  v.

Lucy's house is infested with bugs all over the house. She needs someone to help her kill the bugs coming to invade her house. Being a admirer of her, you readily agree to help her to settle her bugs problem in her garden.

Of course, you are ...

Kung Fu Panda Blu-ray

A movie review for Kung Fu Panda Blu-ray

Ghostfiles  v.2.0.2

Ghostfiles is a very simple tool for mirroring file between directories. Ghostfiles is a Windows service application that when running, hooks the file system and looks for file changes in a named source directories. Any changes to files in a source directory, ...

DynamicIP  v.

DynamicIP allows you to use your dynamic service like a static service. DynamicIP runs on your gateway machine or device connected to an ADSL/DSL/Cable modem or router. Running dynamicIP on your server machine, dynamicIP ensures that your leased address ...

LAeMail  v.

Simple to use, quick and efficient - use LAeMail to send text and HTML emails to an unlimited list of recipients.


- Sends both text and HTML mail
- Full email list processing including the removal of duplicates

IterativeFiltering  v.1.0.2

rl - Richardson/Lucy algorithm in the spatial domain.
mle - Maximum likelihood method in the spatial domain.
dmle - Maximum likelihood method in the spatial domain with some denoising optimalisations.
divlg - tile based filtering ...

DenoiseMyImage  v.3.1

We use Lucy Richardson(LR), Iterative Constrained Tikhonov-Muller(ICTM), Asymetric Accelerated Iterative Deconvolution(AAID), Lucy Richardson Total Variation(LRTV). We do not employ original algorithms, most of them were modified to fit our demands.Even ...

Christmas Stories  v.

The First Christmas-Tree - Lucy Wheelock

11. The First New England Christmas - G.L. Stone and M.G. Fickett

12. The Cratchits' Christmas Dinner - Charles Dickens

13. Christmas in Seventeen Seventy-Six - Anne Hollingsworth Wharton


Body Farm  v.

Wurde das Mädchen Opfer einer düsteren Familientragödie?

Kay Scarpettas Untersuchungen in dem Mordfall des elfjährigen Mädchens laufen anfangs ins Leere, da Emilys Tod einfach zu viele Fragen aufwirft: Was verschweigt Emilys Mutter? Hat der mysteriöse Selbstmord eines Polizisten etwas mit dem Tod des Mädchens zu tun? Und warum verübt ein Unbekannter einen Mordanschlag auf Scarpettas Nichte Lucy? Als Scarpetta auf ...

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