Lowercase Letters


Padlock  v.1 10

Each string, password or pin may be in the range of 1 to 32 characters, such a password can contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. To create the password used is also given a string user.

Flash Cards Deluxe-Alphabet  v.

There are four testing modes that will mix up the alphabet and test their knowledge of the letters by name and by shape in both capital letters and lowercase letters.

You will be amazed at how fast your child will learn the letters!


SoftFuse Password Generator Free  v.2.5

While generating a new password, you can use all combinations of uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers, special or your own custom characters.

Rely upon this tiny freeware, it's very quick, small and easy to use. Did we mention that you ...

SoftFuse Password Generator Pro  v.2.7

While generating passwords you may combine uppercase/lowercase letters, digits, custom characters. Or generate complex passwords by mask.

Each generated password has created, modified and expiry dates. A password's expiration option makes ...

Barcode Singles Code 39  v.3.0.0001

If a barcode reader is set to FULL ASCII mode then special symbols are used to encode characters such as lowercase letters.

An optional modulo 43 check character can be used for specific applications that require data security. The Health ...

ZZEE Text Utility  v.1. 2. 2001

It is also possible to search and replace regular expressions, remove/add symbols and codes, make the text width smaller or bigger, remove duplicate/empty lines, sort the lines alphabetically/numerically/at random, convert the whole text to uppercase/lowercase letters, etc.

EMU SSH Suite  v.1.0

o connect to a host, select the host from the Site Manager window, enter your username in the User field using only lowercase letters and click Connect. Once you are connected, you may upload and download files. To upload a file or files, you can drag ...

Doublets  v.2 2

Games include:

- Picture Pairs
- Word - Picture Pairs
- Matching Shapes
- Number Pairs
- Uppercase Letters
- Lowercase Letters
- Upper - Lowercase Letters
- Colours
- Music Match
- Funny Faces

Random Password Generator Expert  v.2.0

Passwords may include upper- and lowercase letters, figures and special characters.Generating passwords by masks. Password length up to 80 characters. Fixed or random password length (you may specify the minimum and maximum number of characters). Pronounceableness ...

JPEG To size  v.1.2.2

* Make file names of newly created pictures all UPPERCASE or all lowercase letters
* Includes help tips through balloon pop-ups to help you make the right decision
* Select a custom destination location for your newly created files
* ...

Relations RCP  v.1.3.0

Easy text formatting: text can be written bold, italic or underlined, lists can be unordered (bullet list) or ordered (numerical or with uppercase and lowercase letters respectively).
5. To create new items, you can drag and drop files or web pages.

JumpStart Preschool  v.

-- Bug Catcher: Practice colors, shapes, number recognition and counting while searching for the perfect wiggly creatures to complete the collection!

-- Present Search: Follow the directions and listen closely to the hints to discover which of the cuddly pets is hiding a special prize!

-- Matching Duckies: Use memory to match the quacking ducks and uncover a special message!

-- Barnyard Fun: Master upper and lowercase letters with ...

Rondelle Font  v.1.0

0 is a preview release that includes uppercase and lowercase letters only. International characters, numerals, or other symbols are not included in this version. Macintosh PostScript and TrueType formats are included. .

Safari Bookmark Sorter  v..01

KNOWN BUGS:Sorts capitalized letters before lowercase letters.Based on scripts from jecwobble and others from macosxhints.com forums. .

ABC MAGICO 2  v.1.0

95% of the printed word in books and periodicals is in lowercase letters. Give your child the smart start of learning lowercase letters first. Letras minúsculas No pierda el tiempo de su hijo enseñándole las letras mayúsculas, que representan sólo ...

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