Loose Ends


Story Planner  v.3 3

A well planned story has a plot that develops from setting the scene at the beginning, through the action in the middle, and to the end where you tell your reader what happens to the characters, clear up any mysteries and tie up any loose ends.

OutNote  v.1.0.13

Whether you're a sales person who has to keep track of hundreds of clients and prospects each month, a project manager who needs to ensure that there are no loose ends or lost information, or a business person who needs to manage and simplify ...


Elvis  v.

Elvis is an anagram for sivle: "structured information versus loose ends".Elvis is designed as the central media content store for Publishers. The purpose is to store media of all formats, easily find it and use it as flexibly as you can. Through new ...

Get Published  v.

Finding Your Genre
Writing Styles
Local Libraries and Websites
Writing Courses and Groups
Points of View
Fiction or Non-Fiction
Completing Your First Draft
Reading it Through
Characters and Personality Traits
Tie Up Loose Ends
Proofreading ...

Certified Loose Diamonds  v.1.0

Diamond screensaver by Budget Loose Diamonds. Pictures of diamonds to use as your screensaver. Pictures for free use that you can download and start using toda. Pictures include shaped diamonds such as hearts, blue diamonds, red diamonds, and other diamond ...

Picomole Ends Widget  v.1.0

The Picomole Ends widget allows to calculate the number of picomole ends per microgram of double stranded linear DNA. amino acid table widget army at aborygen.com. Software - john cleese training videos free shipping amp; org discounts ...

Loose Cannon  v.0.5.0

Single player 3D Opengl 3rd person action adventure game ...

Intergalactic War

com Do not loose the opportunity to take part in this captivating intergalactic war with colorful scenery and quick gameplay! There are 20 levels and each level ends with the boss-monster. Use arrows to move and space to shoot.

FBQuerySQL  v.1.0

FBQuerySQL is an easy-to-use program and provides a friendly user interface that will let you perform Front-Ends tasks. Moreover the tool is an open source program and is designed specifically for small users to provide front-end Firebird application.

Jumper  v.1.0

The level ends when you jump to the top step.

MASM Balancer 1.3 B9461  v.9461

MASM Balancer is a handy and reliable utility designed to find unbalanced MASM segment/ends macro/endm proc/end. MASM Balancer helps you find out where your MASM Microsoft *.asm assembler program where you have mismatched segment/ends macro/endm proc/endp ...

AutoPlay Express

So, shall we forget about our own bright interactive disc front-ends? No way! Introducing AutoPlay Express: an all-inclusive software suite for easy visual creation of autoplay CD and DVD discs from scratch.

Blaze Audio Power Record

Automatic Gain Control ends clipping & distortion ...

System Shutdown

Do you ever forget to turn off your computer, so it ends up running all night? Or do you have a server which needs to be rebooted periodically, but it can only be done in the middle of the night when no one is using it? Or maybe your teenager stays up ...

William Tell Sideshow

Join a down-on-his-luck William Tell as he tries to make ends meet by shooting apples off his son's head at the local carnival. Aim carefully because you have a limited number of arrows and your son has a limited amount of blood.

There are 15 ...

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