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P2P Music Jukebox  v.1.0.0

P2P Music Jukebox offers a wide variety of features combined in one comprehensive system, enabling you to:
* Create CD compilations
* Fit hundreds of songs onto a single disk
* Rip songs from audio CDs
* Access thousands of music files ...

Roulette Player  v.1.4

It is like the MP3 software you all know which us used to listen music but in this case to play roulette strategies. On the other hand this is a network related software so this mean the projects are stored on our server. The good thing is that them ...


Hi-Desktop  v.1.20

For example, you can use Hi-Desktop1 to listen music, while reading information in Hi-Desktop2, and so on (We can provide you with 9 Hi-Desktops). When someone passes you by, you can switch current Hi-Desktop to any other Hi-Desktop, and hide all windows ...

NhacCuaTui  v.

Basically, the application will provide to users ability to listen music, watch video music at website on Windows phone devices. More over, the application allows users to download musics then listen in offline mode ...

Drive Plus  v.

App Feature :

Shows driving Duration, speed and distance

save your driving summary

Listen music for the app

shows your current location

Get direction between two places ...

Glirnath  v.0.30

A web utility to browse and play mp3s on a remote computer dedicated to be a music jukebox, implemented using PHP and Perl. The Glirnath does not stream mp3s to the local computers, but rather acts as a remote agent to play music on the server itself.

SharpJukebox  v.0.2

A music jukebox written in C#. This project is now inactive due to a lack of time and interest on the part of the developers. The ID3 portion of this project has been moved into the ID3Sharp project, which may be more active.

A4Desk Flash Music Player

All-in-one software that creates an interactive Flash music player with just a few mouse clicks. Play your MP3 files on your website, CDROM or as a stand alone application. Comes with multiple professionally designed jukebox skins. No Flash knowledge, ...

Music Stop

Purple Parrot Music Stop is an easy-to-use program for playing your favorite music CDs and audio files (MP3s, WAVs, and other popular formats). In addition, extremely flexible playlists can be created to provide hours of listening enjoyment. While music ...

EarthMediaCenter online music radio

EarthMediaCenter: 150 music radio stations in over 30 languages worldwide. Includes a variety of radio genres (pop, rock, rap, jazz, r'n'b, classical music, electronic music and many others). If you are going to watch on-line-TV regularly, you can download ...

IFunPix Application  v.0.52.3351

iFunPix is an interesting software application through which you can upload all your media files, including music, photos, and videos, and share them with all your relatives and friends. However, it is necessary for you to create an account, so that you ...

Chordskilz  v.1.1

Here's a Fun App to Develop your Music Ear! Developing active listening skills sets the foundation for a sound music education. Playing music and creating your own music all hinge on your ability to listen to music and understand it. Chordskilz helps ...

AV Video Karaoke Maker  v.1.0.50

The output karaoke can be played with all multimedia players, including Windows Media Player, Winamp, RealOne Player, Music Match, Music Jukebox, PowerDVD, WinDVD, Zoom Player, BlazeDVD, and Hero DVD Player. AV Video Karaoke Maker is compatible with ...

TouchTone Audio System  v.3.6.2010.1223

The TouchTone Audio System is a full screen media jukebox software interface designed to turn your pc and media file collection - mp3, wav, ogg, wma, m4a, lossless Monkey Audio format, and video files - into a touch screen compatible, high tech jukebox.

IFunPix  v.0.52.3351

iFunPix allows you to share, access and send your videos, photos and music everywhere including your mobile phone, wireless and PDA. iFunPix free software makes everything much easier and faster, it can upload hundreds of photos and videos in minutes.

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