Line Control


Ute - MultiFunction Command Line Utility  v.1.21 Beta 1

) It is optimised for Command Line Control but the Wallpaper Changer and iTimeSync can also be operated in window mode. (N.B. Ute is a 32 bit Windows program, not a command line program.)Feature List
Computer clock syncing via the internet


) It is optimised for Command Line Control.


Report Magic  v.2 21

-Easy to setup and automate for hosting companies with command-line control.

Com Port Redirector  v.

Watch signal line control and transition
6. Create event logsAs long as the attached device is within the limited distance reach of the PC, this works outstanding. But, the moment the device is placed on an Ethernet network and direct serial connection ...

Adobe Flash Media Encoder  v.

Flash Media Encoder can also be tightly integrated into your streaming pipeline with command-line control both locally and through a remote connection. Auto-restart after power failures or other system restarts helps ensure that your live ...

GsLantern EASY!  v.2.0.0107

Definition of a seperate target directory (including LAN network shares) for every target format, the Windows scheduler operation using command line control, and ASCII text extraction for index file creation is possible. - Technically, GsLantern EASY! ...

ESET File Security (32-bit)  v.4.3.12010.0 RC

eShell (ESET Shell) - new command line control interface that could offer advanced users and administrators more comprehensive options for management of ESET products.
3. SelfDefense - technology that protects ESET security solutions from being modified ...

Flash Media Live Encoder  v.

DVR functionality
Enjoy enhanced control over live streams.5. Enhanced Auto Adjust
Help ensure real-time delivery, even under suboptimal network conditions, with added support for degrading quality during encoding.6. System timecode
Add system ...

Keynesis Lockngo  v.6.0

* Command Line control, advaced administration
Lockngo Professional offers control and configuration of its features right from the command line, enabling access to functionality and settings not available to the common user. The command line ...

SyncMove  v.0.8.4 Beta

Easy command-line control
3. Delete files in sync folder after synchronization ...

NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player  v.1.6.9

Command line control
17. OLE automation
18. Compatible with Windows Media Center IR remote control
19. Synchronized control of external effects via DMX512 (compatible with OpenDMX hardware), serial port and execution of programs and scripts.

NMacro Recorder  v.2.0

nMacro is based on a command que in which you are adding commands and controls that are executed in the order they are encounter, with one exception, the Jump to line control that can move execution to any line in the command que.
nMacro can be used ...

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder for Mac  v.

Local command-line control Programmatically control Flash Media Live Encoder from the command line. Auto Restart Restart automatically when a problem is encountered.

Keynesis Lockngo Professional / Hybrid  v.6.0

Command Line control. Remembers your password. Simple and intuitive. No data left exposed. Additional preferences.

Acritum Total Power Control  v.1.025

TPC - Total Power Control - puts at your mouse and fingertips a well-designed tool to help you get your work done quickly and easily. TPC provides everything you need to fully control the power functions of your computer. No more crawling around and clicking ...

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