Light Modelling Software


GR Schwarzschild Light Wavefront Program  v.1.0

GR Schwarzschild Light Wavefront software simulates the path of light emitted in all directions near a black hole using the Schwarzschild metric. The default setting is an explosion with an r-coordinate value of 6.0. The user can also see the impactful ...

Seamless3d  v.2.171

Seamless3d is open source 3D modeling software free and available for all under the MIT license.

It is a very powerful and practical 3d modelling software for anyone who wants to make quality 3d animated content for the web.

Seamless3d ...


Expos  v.12

Expos is 2D and 3D CAD modelling software for exhibition stand design.

It uses Octanorm items first, but there are also libraries of furniture, stairways, electro, plants and other items included.

Designing is fast, because the designer ...

DIALux  v.

DIALux it is a light planning software,including features like:

- Planning with LED luminaires and other coloured light sources, colour filters and coloured materials
-Interactive 3D visualization allows you to just wander round the room

The Performance Organiser  v.2

Organisation modelling software designed to support a number of management planning techniques including:

ISO 9000,
The Balanced Scorecard,
SIGMA 6 etc.

The Performance Organiser is a general purpose ...

XueBrothers Picol  v.3.1

Picol is a straight-forward, light-weight software that will help you create photo collages. It lets you decide each pictures shape, size, transparency, color, angle etc
The position of Picol is between an advanced image editor and an automatic collage ...

Math Bricks  v.20111028 Alpha

Lightweight modelling software in which you can create, try and adjust your control (not only) system. Kernel of this software is MBricks - cross-platform collection of bricks. Created in Math Bricks system can be implemented in one *.h file. Create control ...

AstroQuick Light  v.5.64

AstroQuick is an astrology software developped for MacOS by the astrologer Daniel Vega since 1993.Powerful, always simple and easy to use, AstroQuick is the most friendly astrological application.AstroQuick calculates and build astrological chart with ...

Instant Backup Software  v.2.0

Instant Backup Software is a simple backup software solution to help you backup your important document, work, music, video or other files. Backup to an external hard drive, a USB thumb or flash drive or to a network shared folder.

Specify ...

Light Blue: Photo  v.2.3

No matter what type of photography you specialize in, Light Blue: Photo is a flexible studio management system that lets you keep on top of shoots, orders and contacts. As well as bursting with clever things to help you to run a busy and successful business, ...


The New Experience in Light Performances

MADRIX is a fresh experience in lighting control incorporating the latest technology for optimal use. This lighting control software beats most of the consoles available on the market and can be fully ...

Access Recovery Tool  v.11.02.01

The software is particularly designed to scan the corrupt MDB file and recover all data embedded in it. Designed using the sophisticated data recovery algorithm, the Access recovery software performs quickly and impeccably.

Kernel for ...

Encom PA  v.10.0.18

With Encom PA, you can see and compare all your line data, profiles, grids, modelling, images, drilllholes, maps and 3D visualisations in a single interactive interpretation environment. A full range of analytical functions, effective presentation tools ...

Encom ModelVision  v.10.0

Encom ModelVision is the most advanced 3D magnetic and gravity modelling tool in its class. It is used all over the world in mineral exploration, geological surveys, petroleum exploration, engineering and environmental geophysics.

Magnetic ...

F8 UC-win/Road Ver.5.00.03  v.5.0

UC-win/Road is state-of-the-art 3D urban visualization and transport modeling software. Users can manipulate dynamic 3D space, import and edit CAD data, build and texture simple block models, automatically build roads, tunnels & bridges, view multiple ...

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