Left Handed Golf


Left Handed guitar course (unit 1)  v.3.50

The GCH guitar academy course has been developed over fifteen years to produce the best possible results from its students. The multimedia course is the latest way to learn how to play the guitar. This is important when you think that most of the multimedia ...

Swap Left and Right Mouse Buttons Software

Swap mouse buttons with one another to create a left-handed mouse.


Black Magic Spellbook

Newly released for all the people who take the left handed path in Magic! Inside this program you will NOT find any White Magic or fluffy Wishing Spells... Only the DARKER Stuff like Curses, Hexes, Revenge Spells, Death Spells, Spells to cause Pain And ...

Dmouse  v.1.0.0

Dmouse is a small utility, that allow for easy switching of the default left and right mouse buttons. The software is designed to assist left-handed people, or to enable right-click menus with touch screen monitors - this can also be done temporarily ...

My NetQ  v.

We've even included a left handed mode!

My NetQ will never ask for your Netflix login information. You will be directed to Netflix for your information, Netflix will return back to My NetQ a number that identifies you and allows only My NetQ ...

Discount Calculator Free  v.

In the setup you can pick right-handed or left-handed operation.

So you find an item that has an original discount and even an additional discount. So how much is going to cost you? This app helps you to quickly calculate the final price and ...

Discount Calculator Pandora  v.

In the setup you can pick right-handed or left-handed operation.

So you find an item that has an original discount and even an additional discount. So how much is going to cost you?

Let me help you to quickly calculate the final price ...

Unbelievable Facts  v.

Do you know that "All polar bears are left handed"? This app gives you unbelievable facts. Read and share it with your friends.

Guitar Chord Chart Software  v.7.0

The user simply selects a chord from the list in the left hand pane and then sets the pitch and the software automatically displays the chord name, chord spelling, fret numbers, fingering and the chord diagram. There is a check box to enable chord diagrams ...

Golf Basics  v.

Don’t miss out the most exciting information about golf!

Everything you need to know to play a better game of golf is included in this special guide.

This is the most comprehensive report on golf that you will ever read! Not only does ...

FD Left And Right Mouse  v.2.5.4

Left handed mouse

Most computers are set up by default to have the mouse on the right. This can be useful for left-handers if you are taking notes or writing while you are also using the mouse as you can do so with your left hand.


Solitaire Collection  v.

Over 530 solitaire games - a large solitaire collection, including Klondike (classic solitaire), FreeCell, Canfield, Golf, Spider, Forty Thieves, Yukon, Baker's Game, Beleaguered Castle, Big Forty, Forty Thieves, Canister, Pyramid, Three Peaks, Montana, ...

Guitar chords laboratory

Guitar tuning (several variants of the guitar tuning, several tone reproduction modes of tuned string) Guitar chords guidance (database of standard guitar chords, all possible variants of one chord chord playing) Work with song texts (text editing, chord recognition in texts, chord transposing)Left-handed guitars.

Guitar Alchemist Trial  v.1 21

The fingerboard can be configured (Left handed players, background texture and other features). The theme of the application and MIDI settings can also be customized.

With this program, guitarists of any level attachs can now attach ...

Guitar Theorist  v.2.0

Charts mirror for left handed guitarists.

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