Lectionary Sermons


Anthology of Classic Sermons version 0  v.1.0

This module is a big module of about 3000 sermons. There are individual sermons under different people, as well as complete books on sermons by different people. This program enables u to read lots of sermons that are different because they are told by ...

Sermons on the Web  v.1.6.0

Sermons on the Web converts sermons to MP3 format and publishes them on a church's own web site. It consists of a web application to host the sermons plus a Windows application to publish them. Listeners can access the sermons via web pages and podcasts, ...


The Pastor's Study  v.10.0

Document all his sermons. Enter the message title and the primary Biblical reference. Add unlimited additional Biblical references. Copy the Bible text from a Bible Study program and paste it into the Pastor's Study program. All Bible references have ...

Easy Sermon Organizer

Maintain your sermons, where they have been preached, classified by subject. We have also included a way to catalog illustrations too. And we have included a pray list.

Bible Study Pro

Create and manage your own notes, produce sermons, Bible study classes and more. NIV, NASB coming soon.

Free Bible Study - Add Any Texts  v.1 5

Import sermons, talks, online research, essays etc. 1 click search. Features include: Easy navigation, a search box that works just like Google, one click access to email, printing and a clean, uncluttered user experience. No previous Bible software ...

CD Brooks.com Toolbar  v.6 5

A spam-free useful tool that you will like because:
- It keeps you informed when we have new sermons on CDBrooks.com
- It gives you access to your email inbox.
- It has one click access to the animated book Steps to Christ.
- It displays ...

Contending For Truth Toolbar  v.

Bible study, sermons, Christian radio, and world news at your fingertips. (High-speed internet connection and high monitor resolution recommended) ...

Behest Sermon Recorder  v.

Behest Sermon Recorder is a program for recording sermons digitally.

This program has the ability to record two MP3 files at the same time, one in CD quality (160 kbps) and the other one in Podcast-like quality (32 kbps). This way you can use ...

Mars Hill Church  v.

You can view sermons by series and featured topics easily accessible in audio and Windows Phone optimized video formats, and listen to music from Mars Hill bands. Then share sermons you watch with friends too.

Stay up to date with the latest ...

MCC Connect  v.

With the MCC Connect app, you will only be a tap away from Mueller Community Church sermons, videos, Facebook discussion and up and coming events. You can quickly access all available sermons anywhere on your phone or iPad.

MCC exists to develop ...

Southwest Bible  v.

Browse audio and video of the latest sermons, view the weekly bulletin, and locate other resources online.

Daily Readings  v.

Daily gospel passages following the daily and weekly gospel lectionary readings from the Roman Catholic Lectionary. The correct readings for the day will be shown when you open the app.

To Trust And To Love  v.

This is a great introduction to a collection of Michael Mayne?s previously unpublished pieces, sermons and addresses. The extraordinary quality of work contained in Mayne?s previous five books is also reflected in this unpublished material. Selecting ...

RIP Vinyl

Dust off your Vinyl Records and safeguard your recordings! RIP Vinyl records from any audio input on your PC, and produce WAV or MP3 files, which can then be put onto a CD-R, iPod, or other portable music player for your own personal use while away from ...

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