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IPA Typing Assistant  v.

The IPA Typing Assistant is a simple utility designed to help input characters from the International Phonetic Alphabet into your computer programs. The IPA Typing Assistant uses an easy to use on-screen display to assist you in the selection of your ...

Pinyin to IPA Conversion Tools  v.1.0

The Python scripts for the conversion from the Chinese Pinyin transcription(ISO 7098) to International Phonetic Alphabet(IPA), comprised of a core module for developers and a flexible GUI application for the common end-users on Modern Chinese phonetics.


Phonetizer  v.2.0

Automatically add IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcription to any English texts, edit the resulting text, copy it to an external program for additional editing or printing. Phonetizer automatically recognizes inflections of English verbs, nouns ...

IPANow!  v.1 1

IPANow! by PhoneticSoft is a one-of-a-kind software application that automatically transcribes Latin, Italian, German and French texts into International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols by applying rules utilized by scholarly lyric diction textbooks.

AccentHelper  v.1.0

AccentHelper is a software tool designed to :
- Learn IPA symbols and the sound associated with it using detailed animation of tongue, jaw and lip movements.
- Listen to words, sentences and comparatives and practice the sound generation. There ...

American English Pronunciation Patterns Pro  v.3.0

Now you can just read English words without using IPA. It also has a special designed exercise and online mouth video clips to help you build a strong mouth muscle and learn how to say each sound to help you pronounce English words clearly.

Drynks  v.

User can now select IPA Style beers from subtypes.

Drynks is a simple app built to give you an easy way to catalogue your drynks, add, rate and share them. Gone are the days of forgetting that really good Shiraz you had a friend's house. Now ...

Forex Monitor  v.

- Charts included
- Technical Indicators Included: SMA, Alligators, MACD.
- Metro Style User Interface
- Improved performance
- Remainder added to Forex Calendar feature and Open/Close time in Forex International Markets.

Slovak Bible Thoughts  v.

This application shows daily quote from the Bible with short prayer in Slovak, and a thought to think about. The application requires internet connection.

Táto aplikácia zobrazí na každý deň citát z písma s komentárom na zamyslenie a ...

DictBuilder  v.2.0.1

Unpack/pack dictionary tool, it supports the following dictionaries formats: DSL + IPA Transcription, XDXF, TI/StarDict, TI/Folder Struct; Core (Perl) requires HFS+. Designed for using with TranslateIt! Deluxe.

Personal Stock Monitor GOLD  v.9.3.5

It features: managing of multiple accounts simultaneously; intraday and historical charts supporting candle, line and OHLC types with a library of 33 technical analysis indicators including SMA, MACD, RSI, Money Flow, Bollinger Bands, Momentum, among ...

Portfolio Optimization  v.5.0

Technical analysis indicators with detailed charting and back testing analysis include simple moving average (SMA), rate of change (ROC), moving average convergence/divergence (MACD), relative strength index (RSI) and Bollinger Bands. The template is ...

BulkZip File Compressor  v.7.5.48218.5018

Full Feature List

- Strong and secure file compression
- Compression: Bulk, 7z, Arc, Nz, Pja, Tar, Zip, Zpaq
- Extraction: 7z, Ace, Bulk, Apk, Arc, Arj, Bz2, Ear, Cab, Cb7, Cba, Cbr, Cbt, Cbz, Chm, Cramfs, Dmg, Gz, Img, Ipa, Iso, Jar, Lha, Lzh, ...

DB AppMaker  v.2.0.0

ipa file (requires Mac with Xcode) for publishing to Apple App Store.

DB AppMaker is designed with the aim of high flexibility. There are many options that can help you to build amazing mobile app from your database. The generated codes are ...

Speech Analyzer  v.3.0.1

Speech Analyzer is a free and professional tool that shows different graphical representations of speech and music recordings. This will allow you to perform phonetic analysis of human voice recordings (complete with spectrograms, spectral analysis, etc.

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