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SterJo Startup Patrol  v.1.4

The more applications are set to automatically launch at startup, the longer it will take your PC to boot. So If you want to edit, delete or manage the items in your Windows startup you need a simple tool called SterJo Startup Patrol.

SterJo ...

Outlook PST Mail Viewer  v.7.2

Now Perfect Data Solutions have launch Outlook PST mail Viewer program with advance quality & features based through which you can extremely get back entire corrupt, damage or lost PST file from spoil Outlook database with make any changes on you PST ...


Deskclock Analog  v.1

An analog clock for your desktop with nice colors and more options
you can make it to launch at startup.
make it save its position.
and make it always on top ...

PowPlan  v.1.0

Has the option to launch at startup. Left click to change screen brightness. Written in Delphi 6 while mostly drunk. Change power plans fast and easy.PowPlan Features:
1. Right click to switch between available power plans
2. Left click to alter ...

Quick PC Startup Latest Build  v.1.0

Windows startup manager, Best startup manager, Control startup programs, Manage PC startup programs, Remove unneeded softwareOCOs from startup and decrease your windows loading time, Disables unwanted startup programs, Boost windows boot time, Removing ...

PCBooster Free Startup Manager  v.7.3.1

PCBooster Free Startup Manager will help you permanently prevent the autorun of TSR (Terminate-and-Stay-Resident) programs and other background programs. It brings you great convenience using the program filter if you can't locate where the auto-load ...


ini and Startup Menu at Windows Startup. Using ActiveStartup, you can inspect, edit, and/or temporary disable such programs, make backup configurations, and so on. ActiveStartup automatically scans Registry, Win.ini and Startup Menu folders and displays ...

ActiveStartup Deluxe

ActiveStartup Deluxe is created for advanced control over Windows startup. With this tool you can view, edit, inspect all programs, that are loading at system startup including services for WindowsNT based operational systems.

KbStart  v.1 7

These resources include the Windows Start Menu, Outlook Address Book, Web Favorites, Control Panels, and others.

The abbreviations can match any character in the items name. For example you can type OEX to launch Outlook Express.


CodeTwo Attach Unblocker  v.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular mail clients in the world. For preventing spread of malicious software, like viruses and spyware, that can seriously harm you computer and your personal data, Microsoft Outlook has integrated function of blocking ...

LaunchMeNot  v.1.10

LaunchMeNot is an software launcher which can automatically launch your favorite applications on startup and give you the option to cancel. It can juggle applications normally managed using Windows from one location.Ever needed to reboot after an unexpected ...

IncrediMail  v.6.29 Build 5203

IncrediMail will automatically launch on startup.
5. Emoticons
6. Enjoy a huge gallery filled with 1000's of emoticons. Place cool emoticons in your email messages.
7. They'll express your message perfectly!
8. Get IncrediMail Now - Click ...

Hard Drive Space Claim  v.

exe" [-s] [-e] [-p] [-t] [-i] [-sh] [-r] [-c0] [-c1] [-d]"
-s Silent mode: no message displayed
-e Empty recycle bin before starting cleaning
-p Clear privacy datas
-t Clear temporary datas
-i Clear internet cache and history files
-sh Check shortcut validity, invalid shortcuts are removed
-r Send deleted files to recycle bin (recomanded)
-c0 Compress drive without checking already compressed files
-c1 Optimal compressing of drive (slower)
-d0 Normal delete of files
-d1 Secure delete of files
-d2 Ultra Secure delete of files
-plugin Process Plug-InLimitations:
* Command Line is not activated
* Some advanced options are greyed out, like:
* Send deleted files to recycle bin
* File compression
* Lower CPU usage
* Launch at startup option
* ...

Desktop Wallpaper Timer  v.1.6.12

DWPTimer can be automaticaly launched at windows startup, starting with your last playing playlist from the last indexed image.DWPTimer is a useful software that will allow you to easily create image playlists and to use a timer to automatically rotate ...

RegServe  v.

RegServe performs this task by checking your computers registry for empty registry keys, invalid file/path references, duplicate entries, orphaned entries, partial uninstalls, system drivers, unused startup items, browser info, temporary files, etc.

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