Lambo Race Puzzle


Lambo Race Puzzle  v.1

Enjoy solving a fun and challenging lamborghini race puzzle.

RPL Sport Car Puzzle  v.1

Solve a fun and challenge saport race puzzle car. Complete the puzzle to win.


BPV Race Car Puzzle  v.1

Have fun solving this race car puzzle, this is a fun game and it is free.

AIEW Race Car Puzzle  v.1 1

Solve this fun puzzle and discover which new race car it is!

All Out Race  v.2.0

All Out Race is a 3D racing arcade game, a platform game, a puzzle game and a first-person shooting game in one for Windows XP/Vista/Seven. And the player can go through eras such as ancient Egypt, medieval and sci-fi worlds.This game is lots of fun.

Serai Puzzle

The prince is bored, and so Katar, his faithful servant, recounts a puzzle in which the object is to correctly align 15 counters around the perimeter of a circle. A simple yet perplexing puzzle that will keep any player (including the prince) challenged ...

Horse Race Card Game

At the start of each race, 7 cards are dealt face-up in a line. These cards represent the race track, and set the odds for any one ace winning the race. Once all bets have been placed, the race begins and cards are dealt face-up onto the table. Each ...

Tile Golf Puzzle

A unique and challenging golf puzzle. The puzzle consits of 10 tiles, 9 of which are square and 1 of which is rectangular. The object is to get the golf ball into the hole using the fewest number of strokes.

The Rook Puzzle

A chess puzzle consisting of 15 rooks distributed among 16 chessboard squares. Eleven of the rooks are white, and four are brown. The four brown rooks are numbered 1 through 4. The object of this puzzle is to surround the four brown rooks with the white ...

Mine Sweeping Race

In this game you need to race against each other for the fastest mine sweeper. The play area is composed of a grid of blocks, the one who opens all the blocks first wins. When you open a block, the number of mines adjacent to that block will be shown, ...

247TFS Bmw E30 Turbo Project Puzzle  v.1

Fun BMW E30 Turbo race car puzzle Car will be shown once you complete the puzzle. Car is actual race car project we are building.

LE Super Car Puzzle  v.1

Can you complete the puzzle? Put together a fun and challenging race car puzzle. Complete the puzzle to win! Great for all ages!

AG Pansies Puzzle  v.1.0

Solve a fun and challenging race car puzzle. Complete the puzzle to win.

CPA Super Car Puzzle  v.1

Solve a fun and challenging Race Car Puzzle. Complete the Puzzle To Win.

AG Kitty Cats Puzzle  v.1.0

Solve a fun and challenging race car puzzle. Complete the puzzle to win.

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