Labyrinth Game I Phone


Labyrinth Game  v.1.00

Escape From The Labyrinth Intelligent Game ...

Dice Game I  v.

Dice Game contains next to the rolling one to six dices at the same time, the following games:
This game is played with 3 dice

The dots of the throw are added
The first throw is the total number of dots ...


I Phone Transfer Contact (Windows & Mac)  v.2.0

The iPhone Transfer Contact easily copy all the contacts from your iPhone and transfer it to your PC. The software creates a backup and save it on computer or other storage device. The software never hamper the contacts details and copy the exactly same ...

Labyrinth!  v.

Classic labyrinth game where you guide the metal ball to reach the destination by tilting the device.

Labyrinth! is one of the best labyrinth game on WP7 with the following features:
- 100% Free
- 40 Challenging levels
- Realistic ...

Maze7  v.

Maze7 is a classical Labyrinth game with five wood plates and one steel ball.
Your goal is very simple :
**** You start on blue zone
**** You avoid holes and traps (fans, gravity)
**** You try to come on the finish zone
For that : ...

Sacculus: The Wargame  v.1.0

Sacculus: The Wargame is a free turn-based strategy game I programmed for one year beginning in July of 2009 and I finally finished in August 2010. It is a game of tactics where you are challenged to move your units in as efficient way as possible to ...

Scarlet Grains  v.6.0

Scarlet Grains is strategic labyrinth game. The object is to pick up a set number of coins to open the exit to the next level. But beware, danger lurks at ever turn! Each level has many possible solutions, from the straightforward to the diabolical.

Commando Ghost!  v.

Commando Ghost is a fun and addictive tilt-based game that consists of you, the ghost, trying to destroy the aliens that threaten planet earth.

I'm only eleven and this is the first game I've made for the Windows Phone.

Checkers Pro Free  v.

#1 most downloaded Checkers app, THANK YOU!

“Fun to play, lots of options”, hugosays
“Best game I played in a long time”, player087793050
“Computer is VERY challenging”, Eternl Rayne
“Addicting, fun!”, ZarZun
“A ...

Checkers Pro  v.

#1 most downloaded Checkers app!
New: Minor bug fixes
“Fun to play, lots of options”, hugosays
“Best game I played in a long time”, player087793050
“Computer is VERY challenging”, Eternl Rayne
“Addicting, fun!”, ZarZun
“A ...

Pokemon09 pokemon

Pokemon game. I choose you, pikachu youll find yourself yelling out phrases like this when you play pokemon stadium for the nintendo. rent a pokmon or download your. Try to become a pokmon card master in pokXmon trading card game. at the start of the ...

Footy Star  v.1 3

Footy Star is the first AFL career simulation game. I decided to make it while taking Information Systems classes at school in order to put to practice some of the things I was learning in Visual Basic.

Starting off as a young fourteen year-old ...

Hochstapler  v.1.02

Hochstapler is an arcade like game made to look like a C64 game. I haven't followed the C64 specs too strictly though, but I've use it's colour set, it's multicolour mode (320x200 with a pixelsize of 2x1) and SID like music/sfx.This game is based on an ...

Spin the Bottle  v.

Use this app as a Spin the Bottle Game.
I created it and I'm sure it can save your device from being Spinned on ground one day.

Coin Crazy  v.

Test your accuracy and skill in this challenging coin catching game. Try to get the highest score and see if you have what it takes to beat the developer's best score! But watch out, it's a very cloudy day.

Hey guys, this is my first game I've ...

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