Keith Urban New Song


Keith Urban  v.

This app has news about your favorite artist. You can also watch music videos, see his Facebook and Twitter posts.

Blaze Audio Power Record

New Song Grabber records content you forgot to schedule. Automatic Gain Control ends clipping & distortion ...


UltraTools  v.1.0 Beta

-The first freeware is Ultratools - Editor a really outstanding editor, with a new song creation tool.UltraTools (formerly ExUlt) Features:
1. Edit Ultrastar songs
2. Create new song very quickly
3. Available in French and English ...

DJ Mix  v.

Now here is your chance to be your own DJ!

With DJ Mix you are able to play your favorites tunes and start mixing them into a brand new song!

DJ Mix allows you to record your own sounds with an integrated superb microphone system and ...

Flash Catalog Templates of White Winter  v.1.0

Have you ever listened the new song of OCtOn This Winter's NightOCL from Lady Antebellum? It's a very nice song, so we got the idea to design new style of flash catalog templates - White Winter. The white winter style themes are specially designed for ...

CPS Song Preview  v.1.0.0

Display lyrics of the song as a slide. CPS Song Preview (Creative Point Studio's Song Preview) mainly focus on preview the songs that is to be displayed in a public meetings. Usually during any music concert, the lyrics of the song that is to be sung ...

FastChords  v.

About FastChords, This is a software to learn new songs on the keyboard or piano. With this chord calculator and optimizer, the beginner or advanced player can create and print a table of all the chords of a song for reference while playing. You can even ...


Use pcSongster to rehearse a new song while listening to the original in another window & application. 2. Change songs in a flash. Rehearse anywhere. 3. Start the same song over without delay ...

MelodyBuilder  v.6.0.1

Your song starts with the chord A minor, quickly goes to E minor, mixes in a C major chord, etc. Normally you play the notes 'by hand', for each chord individually. The quality of your progression and as a result the quality of your song is limited by ...

ITunesDSM  v.0.9.6

iTunes Duplicate Song Manager is a program written in Java to remove duplicated files created by iTunes. iTunesDSM also removes orphaned tracks from the iTunes library, as well as, adds tracks to iTunes safely.

Main features:

- Remove ...

I'm a musician - Guitar  v.

Falling blocks are specifically changed
- Performance improved
- 6-page Tutorial added
- "Retry", "Menu" button added in the end of playing song
- New Song "A-Ri-Rang" is added -Korean traditional song
"Stroke it" Menu
- ...

ITunesLyrics  v.3.2

Grabs the currently playing iTunes song and gives you the lyrics for it. Checks first and if they don't have the lyrics, iTunesLyrics checks two more lyrics databases before admiting defeat. You can also choose the interval in which iTunesLyrics ...

IStar Composer  v.1.21

iStar Composer finds lyrics, but more importantly allows you to synch them to a song and then allows you to export the synchronized lyrics into a new music file (AAC) that will play/display in iTunes and on the iPod. Bring Lyrics Back To Life - Downloadable ...

Minitunes for Mac  v.1.0

When a new song starts, it will auto-update. has just a single playlist. You can't go wrong, it's always there on the right. Internally, Minitunes takes advantage of QuickTime and thus supports all common audio formats.

MP3 Speed Changer  v.3.00

Also for musicians learning to play a new song from an MP3.

You can speed up your audio in a few moments, just select the files you want to speed up and choose the new tempo. Files will be automatically speeded up and converted to MP3 so you ...

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