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Click N Slide  v.2 2

Click N Slide is a puzzle game developed by NetCent Communications. The game looks very simple, but it is actually a bit difficult to play.

This game is known to almost everyone, but it still gives enjoyment when you play it. The game starts ...

Click 'N Slide

Here's another classic style game familiar to most everyone - a slider puzzle. The object of the game is seemingly simple ... move the pieces of a jumbled picture around the board and put them into the correct order. Although it sounds easy enough, it ...


Mario Bubble Bobble  v.1.0

When we click left/right up/down Mario can go between the blocks. If you click space Mario shoot of the bubble. The enemy will be closed in a bubble and die. Mario will have to collect the bonus that will leave enemy after you die.

Ocster 1-Click Backup  v.1.14

Backup as it should be: one click to set up, automatic afterwards. Backs up your whole computer and never disturbs your work (automatic pausing). You can access your files directly from the backup, or you can restore full hard disks. The software also ...

Show me IP s

Show me IP s is freeware and will show you what your Internet Protocol Address / IP / is, your LAN IP and your COMPUTER NAME with one mouse click. No Installation required. Just download our freeware. Run the program and click 'SHOW My IPs' button.


25CENTS of every sell goes to the Japan Relief Fund!!!
KONICHIWA PLAYER ONE!!! Do you have what it takes to be the SUSHI BOX HERO!!! show me what you got! Are you ready cuz I'm hungry!!!!

Photo Dot Lock  v.

You can set up a decoy code so if someone does find the app and asks you to login in and show them what is in there you can login with the decoy code which will not show any of the content you imported with your main code.

- ...

Quick Slideshow Creator  v.1.1

Besides it can show slide show of desktop effects, stero-pictures, fractals.

Main features:

- multiple projects support
- images formats: bmp, jpg, gif, png, tga, tiff, pcx
- music formats: wav, mp3
- over 160 ...

ShowMaker  v.

ShowMaker is designed to help you quickly develop great slide shows and photo albums to distribute stand-alone on a disk/cd or on the Internet as html. You can also add advanced features like a thumbnail page, music, texts and more.
ShowMaker comes ...

Task Manager Enable Utility  v.1.0

Commonly Window Task Manager is used for view details about processes which are running on your computer but, sometimes it can 't be able to open and show a pop-up box to show "Task Manager Disabled by your administrator". After receiving these kinds ...

MySpace Booster

A must-have for active MySpace users, it provides auto-login, single-click access to all areas of MySpace including contact tables and hidden profile areas. It also provides a rich MySpace Comment generator complete with font formatting and smileys. Provided ...

Streaming Live TV  v.1.0

No need to visit websites, searching for links to click, just fire-up the software and start zapping. Watch home channels when abroad and foreign channels when home.

You can receive live TV from the U.S., U.K. Canada, Russia, Germany, France, ...

Car Seat Reviews  v.1 2

Right click after picking up pieces to rotate them. If you get stuck use the ghost image for a quick hint. Stand alone application no install or application required, you can enjoy the puzzle immediately.

Trombone  v.

Reminiscent of a real trombone, blow on the bottom of your phone to produce a sound, and stop blowing to stop the sound! Move the slide up and down to change your pitch.

Trombone can play its notes in two octaves; to raise the sound by an octave, ...

Across the Room  v.

Messages can scroll across, flash, or slide up and down the screen. Control the speed of the animations, the font size, as well as the foreground and background colors of the message.

Have fun!

WHAT'S NEW in v1.2

- increased ...

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