Jon Bertil Myklebust


D-jon  v.1.1.201011110

d-Jon is a project manager system that implements time tracking, templates, multi-project and other features that will help you to keep control of your project.d-Jon is right now in beta release, and it's free to use, some cool features will be added ...

Jon's Phone Tool  v.3.7.2

Jon's Phone Tool (JPT) is a versatile phone dialer for Macintosh.Apple provided you with a digital hub. With JPT you can finally add your phone to the party. And we're not just talking about your Bluetooth mobile (though that's a good start). Prefer to ...


Jon’s Phone Tool  v.2.0.1

About Jon s Phone ToolUses a Bluetooth mobile phone, your Mac's modem, or speakers to dial the phone. JPT can also make calls via Vonage, Ovolab Phlink, or Parliant's PhoneValet. You can enter a number manually or you can use the integrated search tools ...

Set For Life  v.

Set for life is developed by Big Jon PCGames. The software simulates a TV game-show with live audience where your goal is to earn as much money as possible for a period as long as possible, if u can, for the rest of your life (Set for Life). You have ...

Rock Gods  v.

“When you feel the need to rock out make sure you have a Rock God in your pocket”

Great performances from these denizens of Rock:

"David Bowie";
"Freddie Mercury";
"Elvis Presley";
"Mick Jagger";
"Jon Bon Jovi";
"Kurt ...

Calvary Chapel  v.

Calvary Chapel Radio’s pastors/teachers include Chuck Smith, Brian Brodersen, Bil Gallatin, Jon Courson, Ray Bentley, John Vickery, Rob Dingman & Matt Kottman
to name but a few. We also have others outside of the Calvary Chapel fellowship ...

The Sports Nation  v.

Judge Jon Mathis brings you his latest works with contributions from Steve Resnick on Covering all sports, all the time.

Daily Devotional Reader  v.

Daily Bible Devotions from SearchLight with Pastor Jon Courson. Each day, you get a verse to read and Pastor Jon Courson's devotion. You can then share your devotion via text message, email, or posting to your social network like Facebook/Twitter directly ...

Neon Blitz  v.

Developed by Jon Tyrell Hans and Vincent Binas

It's time to blitz in a neon-hued world filled with different contraptions and dangers! Collect all the goal points without getting crushed by all sorts of crazy traps that get more intense the further ...

CyberLink DVD Suite

" - by Jon L. Jacobi.

Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project  v.1 1

Then, in 1996 the game that made Duke popular appeared as Duke Nukem 3D, in which the actor Jon St. John gave Duke a voice everyone will remember. Subsequently, other shooters featuring Duke appeared. And now, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project brings Duke ...

My Recipe Exchange  v.1 2

It's easy to search for recipes, find a great recipe from some of the best in the world, email them to friends or print out a recipe to use for dinner tonight!

Using My Recipe Exchange, you can also search for Recipes that have been created by other people in the Fat Jon's community, print ...

The Shadow in the Cathedral - Standard  v.1.0

The Shadow in the Cathedral - Standard is an adventure game with beautiful graphics.
The first episode in the Klockwerk Series; Shadow begins a deep steampunk adventure in a world of clocks, gears and ornithopters. You are Wren, 2nd assistant clock-polisher.

John Peterson Pictures  v.1.0

A collection of over 100 stunning photos, taken primarily from around the Pacific Northwest. Beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, and artistic photos all from John Peterson Pictures help make this ecclectic screensaver soemething that you will want to see.

Airport Facilities Data Browser  v.1.0

Airport Facilities Data Browser is an interactive map with all US airports and their associated data. Also links to Google maps and Sectional Maps for each airport. Quickly find associated US airport data. This can be very useful to quickly find aeronautical ...

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