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One Liners  v.

One Liners provides you with the top one-liner jokes and facts that are perfect for any occasion. Tell them to your friends, at a meeting or simply to read them to yourself.

One-Liners are updated frequently, so keep checking.

Political one liners and Bushisms-part2  v.1

A compilation of very funny political one liners in screensaver form by various polititians and well known personalities. Political one liners. The screen saver. Political one liners that are perfect for speech writers, politicians, roasters, comedians, ...


Clean Jokes-Bushisms  v.1

A compilation of clean jokes by way of one liners from politicians and Bush in screensaver form by various polititians and well known personalities. A compilation of clean jokes from politicians and Bush that are perfect for speech writers, politicians, ...

BestJokes  v.

Hilarious long jokes and one liners can be found here for entertainment! Highly relaxing and enjoyable ones.

OneLiners  v.

One liners jokes, also known as monolouge jokes. These jokes are are a big part of modern life where one uses them regularly. One liners have grown more popular in recent decades, replacing the longer, story-based humor of our grandparents.
Thi app ...

Family Guy - Quagmire  v.

Giggity, giggity, giggity! This soundboard is devoted to everyone's favorite bachelor on Family Guy, Quagmire! A variety of giggities, pickup lines, one liners and discussions with other Family Guy characters!

The trial mode includes:
- ...

Doctor Quote  v.1.0

With over 10,000 quotes, jokes, one-liners, snappy sayings, and even a politically incorrect blurb or two, there will always be something to entertain at your fingertips. Add quotes of your own by simply cutting and pasting whenever you find a pithy ...

MyQuotes For Outlook  v.

You can also download additional quotes modules from our web site in a variety of categories - there's even a module dedicated to famous comedian one-liners.1. Import Feature - MyQuotes Premium gives you the capability to import additional quotes modules.

Loonyology  v.

Now 55 years old, and having spent most of his last 34 years as a maximum security 'Bronco Zoo' inmate, he's a much wiser man as he looks back on his crazy journey of unpredictable behaviour, his ever-alert mind darting from reminiscences of his teenage years to memories of fellow-cons, the screws, the cranks, letters and news reports, prison life and procedures, and the overall madness ('loonyology') of the legal and penal systems, peppering his stories with diary entries, true gems of information, sound advice and hilarious one-liners. Together with ...

Christmas Calendar  v.1.0

It contains 24 Windows jokes - one behind every door - until Christmas Eve! In other words: 24 Reasons why you are glad youlve got a Mac!Small Introduction: - Clicking a door will show you the Windows joke behind. Note: If you try to open it too early, ...

Opie & Anthony Live Feedback  v.Beta

This widget saves your name and email information so you can quickly send comments and one-liners to the studio and be a part of the show. On XM Satellite Radio, O&A are no longer bound by FCC regulations regarding language and content, thus curses and ...

PerlMol  v.0.47

It should be possible to write one-liners that use this toolkit to do meaningful "molecular munging".

Softbiz Jokes Script  v.4

Softbiz Jokes and Funny Pictures Script is wonderful script to start your own jokes site within minutes. This script has special focus on helping you get great returns for your investment in this script. It provides you cool way to automatically run unlimited ...

Mitch Hedberg Jokes  v.

Mitch Hedberg was one of the greatest comedians of all time, you can enjoy his brilliant jokes right here in this app. I wish he was still around to tell them.

- Favorites (5 star rating system)
- Sharing Jokes via Facebook, ...

One Cat Picture Printer

One Cat Picture Printer does one thing and it does it extremely well. It prints pictures. Printing multiple pictures on
the same page in standard picture sizes is a snap. Just locate your pictures, choose a layout, pick pictures from the
thumbnail ...

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