Javelin Missile


USB Missile Launcher NZ  v.1.4.11

USB Missile Launcher NZ can be used to control a USB Missile Launcher and the DreamCheeky Rocket Launcher. Perform covert operations from your desk. Fire missiles at passing colleagues. Strap a camera on top of the Launcher and record the video of your ...

Missile Commander XP

the missile commander. His job is to direct a limited supply of anti-ballistic missiles at the incoming attack. It is a job that will require lightning-quick reflexes.
Will the missile commander be successful? Or will the cities be annihilated? ...


O.I.C Missile Launcher  v.1 2

C Missile Launcher is a software designed for windows. This application controls your missiles through usb socket and also configures the time, direction, and many other settings for you product you bought. The application features Skype and MSN integration.

Javelin Stamp IDE  v.2.0.3

The Javelin Stamp IDE (Integrated Development Environment) provides a work environment where you can write, run, and debug your Javelin Stamp programs. In addition, you can view the javadoc documentation from
within the IDE.

By default, ...

STORM O.I.C. Missile Launcher  v.1. 5. 2001

(Over Internet Control) Missile Launder has a built-in webcam that lets you search and destroy your target from 6000 miles away, or across the room. Control the launcher through your messaging program from anywhere in the world, or seriously confuse ...

Missile Throw  v.1 2

Missile Throw is an interesting arcade game for free. Play Missile Throw Game and use you super robotic strength to hurl a missile as far as you can, press the spacebar to set the power and when approaching the finish line press and hold spacebar to set ...

Javelin Launch  v.

Throwing a Javelin has never been easier.
compete against yourself, your friends and the rest of the world in this simple game.

In just two swipes the Javelin will fly.

Check out the High score list to see just how good your throw ...

Missile Defense  v.

The faster you deter the missile, the most points wins.
Apoiado pelo MICETEPAM ...


Classic missile command style game in beautiful graphics.
Launch a missile at the location you touch.
Must shoot down enemy missiles of all.
To get a score bonus, causing a chain of explosions.

Missile Wars  v.

Defend your bases against an onslaught of enemy missiles! Missile Wars is a remake of an arcade classic with updated graphics for the Windows Phone, and new game play elements. The main idea is to destroy incoming missiles before they destroy your bases.

Soviet Challenge: Javelin 1980  v.

Javelin throwers are competing with each other in the spotlight while the Cold War is raging behind the scenes. Be there when twelve human or phone controlled titans struggle to bring fame and glory to their country!

After the competition, compare ...

Earth Missile Defense  v.1.0

How long can you hold? Earth Missile Defense is an epic tower defense game. The goal is to destory enemy's missiles and defend your bases. It's easy to pick up but hard to master. Simple, Addictive and Challenging! ******************** FEATURES: * 2 ...

Missile dogfight  v.

Try to escape more and more missiles : )
This game offers two modes of gameplay - missions and survival. The concept is easy, you fly a plane using a top-down view, and missiles randomly fly around the screen to try and destroy you. There is no health ...

Missile Madness  v.1.0

You're the last hope for mankind. In the galaxy's fastest ship, you encounter alien attackers and must annihilate them before they get you. Watch out-the more skilled you become, the faster and smarter they become! Inspired by retro arcade games, 3D Missi ...

Laser Dolphin (for Windows)

You will need to use all of your cunning to evade and destroy the bizarre sea creatures that you encounter - including Missile Fish, Robo Birds, TNT Turtles, Electric Eels, and Robo Sharks. Frolic your way through 4 worlds and conquer 50 levels on your ...

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