Javascript Based Spreadsheet


Fix JavaScript throw error  v.2.0

JavaScript throw error is common windows error that is mainly caused due to damaged or corrupted JavaScript settings. The error results in degraded PC performance with problem in JavaScript based windows applications. If not resolved soon it may degrade ...

ColorPicker  v.2.0.6

Color Picker is an easy to use HTML & JavaScript based web page color picker that features Netscape's 216 browser-safe colors. With it you can also change to bold or italic, change fonts and font sizes, and even easily test with different background images.


One Page Order Form RapidShop  v.4. 3. 2003

HTML + JavaScript based. Direct from MS Excel. Free version limited up to 2 categories and up to 10 products.

Bean Sheet 1.1.0 Beta  v.1.0

Bean Sheet is an extensible Java-based spreadsheet platform. Bean Shell sits at its core, an open source Java interpreter. Because Bean Shell has full access to the Java Runtime Environment, the potential of marrying a Java interpreter with the concepts ...

SwiftSMS - SMS Gateway & App Software

The SMS Application Server can be configured to run external scripts (VBScript or Javascript) based on the incoming SMS keyword. Powerful command line interface allows you to integrate swiftSMS with third party products to trigger event based SMS message(s).

Extron Electronics - DataLogger  v.1.0.1

Data Logger is a Microsoft® Excel-based spreadsheet application that allows administrators to automatically gather up-to-date lamp hour and usage statistics for multiple rooms of AV equipment. Data Logger provides a simple, convenient way to retrieve ...

SwiftSMS - SMS Gateway  v.3.0

The SMS Application Server can be configured to run external scripts - VBScript or Javascript - based on the incoming SMS keyword. The command line interface allows you to integrate swiftSMS with third party products to trigger event based SMS messages.

Desktop Chess Gadget  v.

Desktop Chess Gadget is a Sidebar Gadget, a Javascript based Chess game. Play the chess game against your computer. It is actually quit convenient for a Chess addicted person.

Perfect Widgets for Windows 8  v.1.5

Perfect Widgets for WinRT offers 150+ gauges designed to work in JavaScript based applications for Windows 8. Critical data can be visualized as horizontal, vertical, radial and numeric gauges including thermometers, tanks, LEDs, digits, knobs, odometers, ...

AjaxSudoku  v.0.2

The Project wants to give a fast and well-designed solver for the famous sudoku-game with PHP/JavaScript based on the AJAX-technology. As a second step it is planned to implement a sudoku-generator too.

Jeppers  v.1.0

Jeppers is a full featured web-based spreadsheet editor written in Java. It also provides an LGPL grid component that can be used in Swing applications.

Jrfcviewer  v.0.0.1

A JavaScript based viewer for RFC browsing, viewing and searching.

Javascript Hashset  v.1.0

'JavaScript Hashset' is a pure JS implementation of the HashSet data-type. It is suitable with for client usage and also for node.js . It is optimized for JavaScript search / lookup routines - which can be a performance bottleneck slow when iterating ...

Grab It  v.XP

Grab It! is a Microsoft Excel based application that digitizes data from pictures. Graphs and charts can have data point values digitized or have angle and distance measurements made on scanned photos. Skewed graphs are handled automatically (sometimes ...

AnyStock Stock and Financial JS Charts  v.7.14.0

AnyChart Stock and Financial JS Charts (short: AnyStock) is a JavaScript based financial and stock charting library, also used for visualizing any timeline data over a long time. AnyStock technology turns your real-time data into highly sophisticated ...

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