Java Runtime Class


Java Runtime Environment (64-bit)  v.7 Update 4

This latest Java Runtime Environment download is for Windows x64 (64-bit) systems, support Windows Vista (64bits) and Windows 7 (64bits).Java Runtime Environment allows you to run applications called applets that are written in the Java programming language.

Java Runtime Environment  v.6.0

Java is very useful to perform some applications that can only be run with this complement. For example: chatting, watching trailers, etc.Java technology is everywhere! In lots of familiar places, and in many places that might surprise you.It is almost ...


Java Portable  v.7 Update 5

Get your Java to go. Java Portable allows you to easily install the Java runtime engine to your device. With Java on your portable device, portable apps which utilize the Java runtime environment, like Portable, ...

Clarion to Java Compiler  v.1.5

Compile your clarion source code into java runtime environment. Includes the compiler, 100% java based runtime implementation of the clarion runtime environment and other miscellaneous tools.

Java Forker  v.0.0.1

Java Forker aims at providing a solution to the memory consumption of java Runtime.exec method under linux for really big vm like application servers.It is a small vm that will do the fork and communicate back the two outputs from the exec command.

Java Toaster  v.1.0.5

Java Toaster is a java utility class for your swing applications that show an animate box coming from the bottom of your screen with a notification message and/or an associated image (like msn online/offline notifications).

ShiftOne JRat (Runtime Analysis Toolkit)  v.1.0

JRat is the Java Runtime Analysis Toolkit. Its purpose is to enable developers to better understand the runtime behavior of their Java programs. The term behavior includes, but is not limited to performance profiling.

TMXResourceBundle - TMX Java Bridge  v.1.1.008

TMXResourceBundle is an extension of Java ResourceBundle class to read text resources directly from a TMX file (Traslation Memory eXchange - standard XML format for the representation of Translation Memory (TM) data).

DirtyJOE  v.1.4 (c334)

class files. dirtyJOE - Java Overall Editor is a complex editor and viewer for compiled java binaries (.class files). Current version still have some limitations, but hopefully those will be removed within the next releases.dirtyJOE Features:
* Viewer ...

JEXECreator  v.1. 9. 2003

Create a native Windows EXE to launch your Java application! The native launcher finds a suitable Java? Runtime Environment and starts your Java application using the found JRE. JEXECreator features: Java Runtime Environment auto detection, Errors handling, ...

JFSplit  v.1.0.1

Cross-platform tool programmed in JAVA and requires Java Runtime Environment to use this tool.This software features a number of options specially designed to help you split and join your files efficiently.JFSplit Features:
1. Fast splitting of bigger ...

McRip SystemFiles  v.2.0.2013.03.13

McRip SystemFiles is an AIO installer that includes the latest versions of: - Adobe Flash Player - Adobe Shockwave Player - Java Runtime Environment - Microsoft DirectX - Microsoft Silverlight What's New in this version of SystemFiles: - Updated Java ...

JavaRa 2.0 Beta  v.3

What JavaRa does is to check if your computer has the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE).If the version you have installed has been superseded by a newer version the program will download and install this newer version for you, by running ...

LinkedList  v.1.6

LinkedList is replacement for Java Vector class. Classical doubly linked list. Faster that Vector for insert/delete, but slower for indexed access. The interface is modeled on java.util.Vector, so you can try it both ways and pick which is faster for ...

Rdbform  v.00.73.00

Relational database forms java runtime library and constructor. User application consists of declarative description and classes, which extDµnds base class of the forms.

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