Java Port Scanning


Java Port Mapping  v.rc

Java Port Mapping between 2 hosts. Put up a server on your local network and share it with the outside network in a secure way. A "server proxy" network tool. Share one IP with multiple servers.

JAstyle Java Artistic Style Library  v.0.5

jAstyle is a 100% pure Java port of the GPLa€™d AStyle ( jAstyle is intented to be created as a library and not as a command line tool, so It does not support those options associated to standard output or console.


Machine Learning Tools in Java (MLJ)  v.1.0

Java port and extension of MLC++ 2.0 by Kohavi et al. Currently contains ID3, C4.5, Naive (aka Simple) Bayes, and FSS and CHC (genetic algorithm) wrappers for feature selection. WEKA 3 interfaces are in development.

Powermanja (Powermanga in Java)  v.20070322

A Java port of "powermanga", which is an arcade 2D shoot-em-up game with 42 levels, 14 guardians and more than 200 sprites. It runs in 320x200 or 640x400 pixels. It runs on J2SE and some J2ME (MIDP 2.0/CLDP 1.1) enabled systems, SWT is also supported.

SpaceTrader for Java  v.1.12

A Java port of the Palm game Space Trader. This port is based upon the C# port at Space Trader for Windows. Recent improvements are being made to enhance it into a full-window application, under a new branch of development. Consult the wiki for info.

Network Engineer Helper  v.1.0

Port scanning made easy. Network Engineer Helper software help NE in carrying out the usual operations like port scanning ip subnetting calc.Requirements:
* Java ...

AdressWizard Pro  v.4.2

Scan IP addresses with SNMP, wake on LAN, port scanning and intrusion prevention. Identify active stations on the network. It shows IP and corresponding MAC addresses as well as station names and NetBios data, and SNMP information. It will inform you ...

SkPortScan ActiveX Control

SkPortScan ActiveX Control is a lightweight, intelligent, and powerful port scanner control.
It allows developers to integrate port-scanning capabilities into their applications.
SkPortScan can be used for network exploration or security auditing.

JBullet BasicDemo  v.

JBullet is Java port of Bullet Physics Library (under ZLIB license).


- 100% pure Java port, native libraries are used only for OpenGL access in demos
- ported most of Bullet 2.72 base features
- supported shapes: ...

JSyd  v.1.0.3 Beta

JSyd is a Java port of the program synthesize Syd, and is backward compatible with patches produced with Syd. Synthesize audio with this tool.JSyd offer you an instrument editor and program synthesizer written in the Java programming language. JSyd has ...

LanBrowser  v.2.0

It allows the monitoring of utilization, port scanning, connections, open files and eventlog searching. It can also send an Email notification when a threshold is exceeded. You can view detailed hardware properties using the WMI Browser, which can report ...

JWords  v.0.02 PreAlpha

jWords is a Java port of the outstanding WORDS (by William Whitaker) which is
a latin-to-english dictionary program: Simply enter any latin form found in a text.
The software then tries to find the dictionary form and displays the translation.

Cyber Decker  v.1.0

That's a java port of the old and awesome game cyber decker by Shawn Overcash ...

Eclipse Tidy  v.1.0

Eclipse plugin based on JTidy, the Java port of HTML Tidy. For (X)HTML and XML files, it provides a Validator (Manual or automatic checking) and a Formatter based on numerous preferences.

Jake2  v.

Java port of the Quake2 game engine ...

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