Java Pool Puzzle One


Java Launcher  v.3.201

Java Launcher is one of our advanced programming tools with many unique features. Java Launcher is a powerful Java tool and an easy-to-use software, which contains nine features totally:

-Six launching features accessed in windows explorer

Puzzle 15  v.2.2

The game Soviet Puzzle 15 is a computerized rendering of a Soviet-era child's puzzle, one of the most popular in the world. This game fosters creativity and boosts cognitive functions. There are three modes to improve recognizing of numbers, symbols and ...


Blue Reef Sudoku

Excellent graphics, easy gameplay makes this puzzle one of the most addictive games ever made! With three game modes and three skill levels, this game will never let you get bored. Enjoy this great remake of Sudoku game! You're welcome to Blue Reef!

Mega Fifteen  v.1.0.0

Mega Feefteen is a sliding square puzzle, a superset if the Feefteen Puzzle, One of the World's Best Known Puzzles. It consists of 9, 15, 24, and 35 numbered squares that are placed in a 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 leaving one position empty. The goal is to ...

Elements of Arcadia  v.

Elements of Arcadia is an adventure game, and a puzzle one at the same time. You will travel the world of Arkandia on a puzzle quest for treasure and gold. You have to defeat powerful foes with your unmatched skill in elemental manipulation, take their ...

JEnum  v.alpha.0.3.0

JEnum is a Java runtime jar for working with enumerated types, as described in Josh Bloch's Effective Java, and a one-way code generator to create the needed classes from xml. The API is patterned after the Java Collections API.

Sphaero Jigsaw  v.1.0

Sphaero is an extensible Java jigsaw puzzle application. It supports any image of reasonable size, piece rotation (0/90/180/270 currently), and customizable cutting style (squares, "classic" cuts, etc.).

DDD Pool  v.1 2

DDD Pool is a highly addictive pool simulation with cutting edge 3D graphics, realystic physics and comfortable gameplay, which guarantees many hours of fun and pleasure.

Play 8-ball, 9-ball pool, Challenges and Practice mode.

Choose ...

Java vector cut-and-paste  v.1.3

A library for cross-platform vector graphics cut and paste in java. It allows one to draw graphics which can the be pasted into word or openoffice. It handles Graphics2D, but not bitmap picture inclusion nor transparencies.

CPT Crosswords  v.1 3

A multilingual crossword puzzle maker/compiler and sudoku generator.
The program includes the modules CPT Diagrams, CPT Words, CPT Clues,
CPT Sudoku, CPT Editor, part of dictionary tools from the CPT kit, and CPT Wizard.
- interactive ...

CPT Word Lists  v.1. 4. 2002

CPT Word Lists is a collection of tools for processing word
lists and text files, supporting Unicode and unlimited number
of encodings via the Java converters. Its main goal is
to create dictionaries for the other CPT programs
but ...

Logic Trap  v.1 1

Do you have two minutes to read about one of the most exciting arcade games currently available for download on the Internet? Then let me start.

Many folks like puzzles, but the problem with those is that sometimes thinking too much wears ...

Astra Gift Maker  v.1 2

Its interface consists of five tabs that make the puzzle creation process a breeze. All you need to do is import a photo (supported formats are BMP, JPG, GIF, and PNG), and start customizing your puzzle. One of the tabs comprises the playing options; ...

Orabbix  v.1.2.2

Java daemon to enquiry oracle database and send item to zabbix server. Check out monitor oracle instances with this application. Orabbix help you monitor oracle instances with zabbix, with this you are going to acquire data from every oracle instances ...

GenExam  v.

It features the entire General question pool. The questions in this pool expire on June 30, 2015.

This practice test app for the General license class generates exams similar to that of the actual exam using questions drawn from the official ...

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