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Java New Ticker Downloads and So Much More at Wyka-Warzecha  v.9.0

Have you ever thought that a Java news ticker would brighten up your website and really give it an air of professionalism? But maybe you disregarded the idea because it would be too difficult to set up? Well at Wyka-Warzecha you can get yourself a Java ...


Wyka-Warzecha NewsManPRO! is an exciting new web site design product that allows you to easily create professional news listings on your website! A cool java news ticker software, to display current news with special effects and more. And it is only $29.


Ticker Tape Administrator  v.1. 3. 2002

Ticker Tape is a simple way to 'broadcast' unobtrusive messages to workstations spread over one or more disparate sites - it's ideal for Help Desks or Administrators wanting to proactively advise people of issues affecting one or more locations. Ticker ...

E-motional Images  v.6.0

Besides, we can insert a scrolling text or a marquee, choosing the font, color, the scrolling speed, among many other options. It is also possible to add music in the most popular formats including playlists.

E-motional Images Screen Saver ...

30 Happy Easter Riddles Screensaver  v.5.0

Display a personal message, the current date and time, or the status of your GetRight downloads as a scrolling text marquee (with multiple language support).

NALalyse  v.1 2

NALalyse allows Novell ZENWorks administrators to quickly sanity check, search and document ZENWorks for Desktops Network Application Launcher (NAL) objects.

This latest version of NALalyse contains many functionality enhancements and bug fixes, ...

3D Art  v.5.0

Display original works of 3D Art as your screensaver!

Includes 35 images, with captions for the name of the art piece.
Select from a number of image transition effects. Use your favorite image as desktop wallpaper. Listen to background ...

Alluring Islands  v.5.0

Display beautiful images of tropical islands and the waters that surround them as your screensaver! Enjoy the emerald waters and white sand beaches of the Caroline Islands. See the jungle mountains of Bora Bora. Soak in crimson sunsets on the horizon.

Awesome Space Views  v.5.0

Display stunning images of nebulae, galaxies, planets, moons and the space shuttle as your screensaver! Includes over 60 images - many were taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope - and an educational description for each image.

Main features:

Rivers and Lakes  v.5.0

Experience the calm of a mountain lake. Watch a peaceful waterfall.
See mists rising at dawn. Enjoy rivers flowing in every season.
Includes over 30 images.

Select from a number of image transition effects.
Use your favorite ...

E-motional Images Screen Saver  v.6 5

E-motional Images Screen Saver imports your favorite photos from a digital camera or scanner, then add captions, transitions and background music. After that you can save your collages as a wallpaper. This program can also import images from any scanner, ...

JRSST (Java RSS and ATOM Ticker)  v.1.9.10

JRSST (Java RSS and ATOM Ticker) is an easy to use RSS reader. This is a simple, lightweight, RSS ticker/aggregator/reader. I had checked out a number of tickers that look pretty as they scroll etc., but took a lot of CPU cycles and cost money. JRSST ...

List Ticker and Aggregator for MOSS 2007  v.1.0

Websio List Ticker and Aggregator Web Part displays aggregated data from multiple lists/sites as scrolled marquee. See live demo of this Web Part on our Home Page (section "What's New") ...

JavaScript News Ticker  v.1.1

JavaScript News Ticker is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful desktop utility program that lets you creating DHTML news scrollers for your Web sites. You can create moving texts and images in a few minutes! JavaScript News Ticker is a professional highly ...

Ticker Applets Set 2  v.1.0

Add ticker items quickly and easily by editing an external XML configuration file. Any good text editor like Textpad ( can be used for this. Colors and delay properties can be configured in the external XML file. Nearly every interface ...

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