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Essiembre Java Libraries  v.2.1.1

Set of Java libraries, mostly targeted to the J2EE environment and the Struts framework. Includes a Lookup Loader, a Task Scheduler, and a series of "extensions" to Struts.

SSTTR Java Libraries  v.1.0

A collection of Java libraries for XML stream and file parsing, basic crypto and other stuff I found useful to have around.


Java to IL Compiler  v.0.1

Java bytecode to IL compiler is being designed to be able to directly use the already available enormous resource of java libraries.

CITkit  v.rc.0.2.2

CITkit (Compiler and Interpreter ToolKIT) is a collection of Java libraries that implement the more mundane aspects of a compiler or interpreter: symbol tables, tree intermediate representations, linear intermediate representations.

JavATE  v.0.7

JavATE is a set of Java libraries that enables application development using the domain driven methodology.

Morfologik  v.1.8

Polish morphological analyzer and Java libraries interfacing it. First completely open-source and comprehensive morphological tools for Polish.

Open WS-Policy  v.0.01

Open WS-Policy,an Open Source Web Services Policy Framework implementation,is a set of open source Java libraries that implement the ws-policy specifications.

Ouobpo  v.0.1

This is a useful Java libraries/frameworks & code samples project provided by Ouobpo. Ouobpo stands for Ouvroir de Objet Potentielle, or a workshop of potential objects.

Sapia Open Community  v.3.0

The Sapia Open Source Organization intends to offer reusable, well-documented Java libraries. Conciseness, elegance, ease-of-use, to name a few, are goals we are aiming at.

APK Image Extractor  v.2.0

You don't have to learn Android SDK, install JAVA libraries or struggle with the command line. Just launch Android APK Image Extractor, open an APK file and pick images to extract. It's that easy. The available batch mode makes it easy to extract all ...

Demo for JIDE Products  v.

JIDE Software is a professional Java and Swing component provider developed by Jide software Inc. . JIDE Software's products are focused on rich-client applications for software developers. It is based on Java Swing technology and offers maximum compatibility ...

Web-Harvest  v.2.001

Web-Harvest is Open Source Web Data Extraction tool written in Java. It offers a way to collect desired Web pages and extract useful data from them. In order to do that, it leverages well established techniques and technologies for text/xml manipulation ...

F30 Basic4android  v.2012

FREE Basic4android is the simplest and most powerful Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool available for the Android platform Simple and powerful RAD tool for developing native Android applications without time-consuming Java / Eclipse programming ...

Rings Ray Tracer  v.1.0

A ray tracer written in 100% Java. The ray tracer package includes java libraries for rendering 3d graphics and a user interface.

WrapLog  v.1.2

WrapLog is a tiny Java logging package that can "wrap" around other logging packages, thus removing the need to stick to a certain one. This is particular useful for Java libraries that want to leave the choice for a logging packing to the client code.

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